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Corporate Social Responsibility

At TM Group we deal with major banks, insurance companies and many others. We see our high engagement in the Nordic community as a privilege, but with privilege also come responsibility. 

We have therefore taken active steps towards a strong and realistic CSR profile, which we are happy to share with you.

General Behavior​

At TM Group we treat our colleagues with respect and encourage others to do so. ​

Human Rights​

TM Group is committed to respect human rights. The Group does not accept discrimination based upon union membership, race, skin colour, political opinion, disability, health status, ethnic background, gender, religion, age or sexual orientation​

Environmental Footprint ​

We achieve a strong environmental performance by working systematically to limit the negative environmental impact of our business operations. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and reduce our CO2 emissions through energy and environmental management.​

The Future Workforce​

We want to contribute to the community and therefore we at any time will take our share of new students to ensure the right workforce for the future.

Flex Jobs​

We will also hire staff in “flex jobs” to ensure that disabled people and people who need a second chance also have access to the labor market.​

Employee Benefit Programme​

At TM Group we will always create and seek to expand the benefit programme for our employees.​

The Value Of Diversity

At TM Group we believe in the value of diversity and therefore we are on top of the best skilled people in addition also looking for people with different mindsets and culture behavior.

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