We deliver complete solutions with unique value-added services for compliance, customer engagement, trading floors, and control rooms.

Since 2001, we have been the trusted advisor of Scandinavia’s leading banks, delivering bullet proof compliance and ensuring the integrity of trader communications and infrastructure.

We are also the region’s leader in enabling organizations to have more meaningful and profitable customer engagements and in optimizing contact center and back office processes.

Furthermore, for organizations that are charged with ensuring security, we offer cutting edge solutions for command and control operations.

When it comes to achieving your organization’s most strategic business and operational goals, TM Group is proud to be your trusted advisor and partner of choice.

Across each of our domains, we uphold the values of seasoned professionals who bring extensive experience and deep domain expertise.

At TM Group, it is our vision to be Scandinavia’s premier trusted advisor and partner of choice for organizations seeking to address their most business-critical goals.

Our mission is to leverage cutting edge technologies, internal innovation, and our extensive know-how so that our customers can meet their most strategic objectives, whether ensuring compliance, enhancing customer engagements, optimizing processes, or improving security.

In addition to gaining access to the industry’s most advanced technologies, you will also benefit from built-in integrations, and the know-how of Scandinavia’s leading domain experts. With TM Group, you will have a trusted advisor at your side to plan and execute cutting-edge solutions for your organization’s most pressing business needs.

Our team is ready and available at each of Scandinavia’s main urban centers including our corporate headquarters in Copenhagen, as well as offices in Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki. Furthermore, TM Group has an extensive support network available for our customers across the globe, providing 24/7 service.

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