Average Handle Time (AHT) is the real Contact Center cost

One thing I come across every time I visit a customer’s contact center is the concern about AHT (Average Handle Time). The issues are taking too long to solve, taking up valuable time for the agent, and creating a poor customer experience.

Q&A with our Contact Center and CX expert

Recently we had a Q&A post on LinkedIn where people could ask questions regarding customer experience and agent experience. Torbjörn Hörberg, who is our expert on the subject was ready to answer all the great questions that came in. These are the questions from the post, and the answers form from Torbjörn.

How to improve the collaboration between the staff in the contact center

In a contact center the agents rely on many different systems to complete a single customer interaction. Sometimes a contact center agent also replies on his/her co-workers and colleagues. But how do you create the best collaborative environment for the agents on-floor, the supervisors, and the rest of the organization?

How to get a contact center ready for a sales-peak

Sales-peaks happen all year long and create wonderful things and opportunities for the businesses. However, companies that go after these specific seasonal sales-peaks, like Black Friday and Summer Sale, are not always prepared for the workload that often comes with it.

How to merge multiple contact centers into one

In this blog post we will not go in depth, how to merger businesses in general, you will need a lawyer for that. But we will go in depth with how you, in the best possible way, merger two or more contact centers into one, by focusing on the merger-process. This process is often a […]