Manage digital communication risks to ensure compliance

Use intelligent technologies to record interactions, identify activity & behavior patterns, and spot abnormalities to mitigate employee misconduct, market manipulation, and other abuses.

Communications Compliance Software

Maintain a compliant environment and gain insights from your communication data.

Ecomms surveillance software

eComms Surveillance

Business-critical compliance software that detects, alerts, and reports. It monitors everything and alerts you regarding compliance violations. You can monitor all interactions with detection models and advanced workflow.

Interaction and Voice Recording

Throughout the lifecycle, capture trade, customer, and electronic communications. Capture front and back-office trader communications, contact center, retail, mobile, internal, email, chat, and more. Record Keeping lets you easily provide customers or regulators with evidence. Keep unstructured and structured trade data on the same on-premises or secure private cloud platform.

Document Management System (DMS). Automation software to archiving and efficiently manage and information files. Internet Technology Concept

Record Keeping

Dodd Frank, FINRA, MAR, PCI DSS, PSD2, IFSR9, KYC, GDPR, SOX, MiFIR, and MiFID II require long-term data archiving for compliance. Advanced encryption, audit trail, data authentication and governance, redundancy, and geo-clustering. Ensure 100% data integrity with 0% data loss, stringent access controls, and automated data integrity checks. While providing easy access for audits, regulatory investigations, and litigation.

Communication Archiving

Control rooms depend on precise and consistent images to track crisis situations, send out reaction teams, and manage those teams’ activities. Having high-functioning, efficient video walls and monitors are essential in the modern command center and control room.

We offer seamless video wall with premium picture and razor-thin & narrow bezels, wide viewing angle, sharp LED and color contrast, with eye comfort and minimizes harmful blue light.

Communication archiving software

Built for compliance in the modern workplace


Market Abuse

Insider Trading – When an employee buys or sells based on non-public information. 

Front Running – When a broker buys a stock before a major client purchase, manipulating the market. 

Collusion – When companies in competition collude to boost demand for a product/service. Using market manipulation to gain an advantage.

internet of things

Information Handling

Insider information – the step before insider trading is made. It is the information that led to insider trading.

 Deceptive practices – when a representative from a company deliberately misinforms or deceives a client/customer.

 Trade secrets – Information about a company used to gain an unfair market advantage

p2p lending

Employee Conduct

Money Laundering – involves disguising financial assets so they can be used without detection of the illegal activity that produced them.

 Kickbacks – a sum of money someone pays someone else to gain some form of market advantage, which then is unfairly obtained.

 Bragging – when a broker literally brags about a successful trade, valuable information etc., which will give him/her an advantage on the stock market



Expand your communication channels. Comply when deploying mobile, Unified communications, and messaging apps.  Yes, including Teams, Skype for Business! 


“TM-Group equipped us with a set of software controls to identify, collect, review, and act on potentially harmful communication across channels and throughout the lifecycle.”

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