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Protect your customer's data with GDPR compliance

It is absolutely crutial that all businesses are GDPR compliant. In May 2018 numerous GDPR regulations, directives and laws were set into place to protect the users, consumers, and their privacy and identity. Every business must take the responsibility for GDPR compliance seriously.

We partner with some of the best compliance-SaaS companies in the world, and no doubt we have the right GDPR compliance software solution for you. Read all about it on this page, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our compliance solutions here.

Key elements of GDPR Compliance

Obligation to inform

You as a company are obliged to inform everyone you obtain, keep and process data from, what you are doing with the data.

Opt-in consent

Not only are you obliged to inform them, but you can’t obtain, keep or process any data, if the individual doesn’t consent to it.

Right to be forgotten

The individual has the right to be forgotten. If the individual envokes that right, you as the company are obliged to delete all records of that individual.

Data Processing

There are strickt rules in place you need to be compliant with when processing the data.

Right to obtain a copy

The individual has the right to get a copy of all the data you as a company is processing about that individual.

Breach notification

If you have a GDPR breach, you are obliged to notify all relevant parties.

… and much much more.

Fines and penalties for GDPR breaches

In cases of GDPR breaches you can face up to 4% of your annual turnover – or 20 million EUR – whichever is greater. The goal of these regulations are to protect the data and privacy of the EU citizens.

CCPA: Are you also conducting business in the US?

If you are conducting business in the US, you also have to comply with the CCPA (Californian Consumer Protection Act). As per January 2020 the CCPA brought major changes to the way all businesses in the US obtained, kept and processed consumer data. Similar to the GDPR.

Are you a Nordic-based company with branches in the US as well? Don’t worry, we have a privacy compliance solutions that covers both GDPR and CCPA.

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