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Attended and Unattended Automation for call centers

Flawless Accuracy & Unmatched Speed

Hyper-automate your business with great ROI

In every customer service center and back-office, numerous routine tasks demand accuracy and speed but don’t necessarily require decision-making from a human. Such repetitive processes can waste a lot of human resources. These tasks are time-consuming, frustrating, and are often prone to errors.

But what if you could assign mundane but mission-critical tasks to an accurate, fast, and single-minded employee? Say, like a robot?

Welcome to the world of robotic automation!

Are you ready for experiencing efficiency and customer satisfaction like never before? Let us show you the benefits of robotic automation.

Integrate end-to-end Business Process Automation

Three ways to hyperautomate your business processes

RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation)

RDA is a robotic assistant installed on each agent's desktop, to help and support in mundane and routine tasks by automating processes.

RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation)

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RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

RPA is full-automated with no requirements of human interaction, that automate large and routine tasks for the customer service agent.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

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Self-service for customers

Deflect 1/4 of your inbound interactions, by integrating self-service features for your customers. This could be chatbot or IVR.

Self-service for customers

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Confused about all the automation tools and possibilities? Therefore, we offer a completely free CX consultation and discovery journey.

Attended vs Unattended robotic process automation.

Featured Product

Sales-peak automation

We can implement low-code automation to help your contact center in handling the upcoming inbounc storm of customer interaction that follow sales-peaks.

The benefits of BPA / Hyperautomation

Optimized and focussed resources

The agents get more time to focus on what is important for the business and brings value to both the business and the customer. The agents leaves the routine tasks to both RDA and RPA, which handle the tasks with flawless eccuracy and speed.

Effortless customer experience​

The customers can interact with your business effortlessly, and avoid having to deal with stressed out agents and tiring non-value bringing interactions and queues. This results in higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased efficiency

The average handle time goes down and the first-time completing goes up, making the agents significantly more efficient. It also means that your customer service center is always on and available for customers.

Great ROI​

The return of the investment you are making in business process automation comes back multiple times. The actual ROI depends on the full scope and scale of the solution you implement, the interactions handled by your customer service center and the number of agents in your irganization.

Agent motivation

Your customer service agents will be able to handle the tasks that require more brainpower, and therefore is motivated to take on the workday.


Complete tracking and analysis of the deflection, average handle time, first-time completion, and act on them instantly. 

Future-proofing your business

It doesn’t matter which application and systems you currently run or which you invest in, in the future. With our hyperautomation systems, we can bring the best out in any system/application.


We can automate processes for every kind and sizes of business. We can start off in the small by automating the simplest tasks, and then scale as we go along. We see the greatest use cases when we focus on the “golden nuggets” and automate the simplest but most time consuming tasks, and then we elevate.

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