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Customer Self-Service

91 % of your customers prefer Customer self-service

By implementing a customer self-service feature into your business, you can approximately deflect 25-50% of all inbound interactions handled by a human agent. This way customers can self-service and find the answers they are looking for and take actions accordingly themselves, and therefore avoid calling you.

This frees up time for your customer service agents to handle the tough decision-requiring interactions more effectively and it enhances the customer experience with your brand immensely, as you actually give your customers, what they want.

Several kinds of self-service features are available for you to implement. This could be comprehensive and information-rich websites, FAQ pages, forums, user groups, chatbots, and virtual customer assistant. On this page, we focus on the chatbot and virtual assistant.

Let's find out what can smart chat bots do for your business.

What does customer self-service mean?

Customer self-service is an application that integrates into both the RPA and RDA parts of Business Process Automations. Self-service lets your customer self-service online, and therefore, deflecting the inbound interaction between your customer service agent and the customer.

Chatbot as a self-service​

If you integrate and implement a chatbot into your business and organization, and it is set up in the correct and most optimal way, it can drive massive business impact on the positive side. A chatbot can keep your customer service center running 24/7, enabling customer support when ever the customer needs it.

Though a chatbot, that is fully integrated into your RDA and RPA systemt, is extremely smart and can answer a large percentage of the incoming inquiries, a human customer service agent once in a while has to take over on the matters that require out-of-scope decision-making. But this is no problem, as the chatbot we deliver talk to every other system integrated in the customer service center, and provides the agent with the need information, when the inquiry goes from bot to human.

Virtual customer assistant via call (IVR)​

Imagine your call queue is way longer than customer acceptance. And if you don’t offer your queued customers an alternative support solution, you will lose them in the waiting process. The customer experience will be poor, the satisfaction will be little to none, and the likelihood of the customer buying from you ever again drops massively.

But we can help you avoid such problems. The virtual customer assistant helps your customer service center in times of need and high stress – or at all times – and can help you keep your customers happy while they get the help they need.

When the queue is getting longer and longer, the customers can get a self-service offer from a virtual agent assistant that is almost as capable as a human agent. If the problem is not solved, a human agent can call back as soon as possible.

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