Protect Your Customers. Prevent Risk.

During the interactions that your contact center agents have with customers, sensitive information is shared. This includes credit card information, as well as other personal identifiers that could leave customers exposed to identity theft and your organization to regulatory breaches.


Thus, it is critical to have in place a bullet proof compliance program that is tailored to the needs of the contact center, and specifically – to the needs of the payment card industry.


TM Group enables you to effectively comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), delivering the market’s leading solution from NICE.


Comprehensive Capabilities:

  • Privacy control: advanced profile-based administration, industry standard CHAP authentication, and Active Directory single sign-on
  • Multi-tiered security design: for firewall-segregated access control zones
  • End-to-end multimedia encryption: encryption starts at the point of capture and remains throughout
  • Trustwave certification: Qualified Security Advisor for PCI DSS

Value-Added Offering

  • Combine with TM Group’s offering for Compliance Recording and Interaction Analytics for a holistic contact center compliance solution
  • Leverage best practices and deep domain expertise by partnering with our team of trusted advisors


PCI DSS Compliance Overview


NICE solution for the PCI DSS requirements

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