Customer Service Solution

With our end-to-end Customer Sevice Solution you can manage all aspects of your customer service department in terms of compliance, automation, and customer and agent experience.

The total Customer Service Solution

A complete solution brings trust and efficiency

Combine all to get an end-to-end Customer Service solution

When working in a contact center or call center you have to keep track on way too many applications and processes, for the ordinary human to manage. And on top of this there are also the customers and cases, you need to manage, and at the same time creating a good and secure customer and agent experience.

To ease the customer’s and the agent’s work, we are able to deliver a complete end-to-end contact solution, which includes customer service compliance, the world #1 cloud-based customer experience platform, CXone by NICE inContact, and everything that comes with it, and Real-Time Authentication.

Get GDPR Compliance, Interaction Recording, Business Process Automation (BPA), Real-Time Authentication, Workforce Management and Interaction Analytics in one solution from TM Group.

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Features included in CXone by NICE inContact

Open cloud

All of the below features are stored in and easy-accessed from an open cloud. This enables you to work from any where, and this makes you agile in times of change. Your data is of course stored in a compliant and secure way.

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Utilize the best AI-powered integration and combination of RPA, RDA and customer self-service. RDA provides your agents with a speedy and accurate assistant. Self-service lets your customers service themselves very efficiently online. And RPA runs on strickt rules to automate processes in your back end.

Interaction Analytics

With Interaction Analytics you get the power to analyze any customer interaction across all touchpoints. Leverage the insight and data to deliver a seamless and perfect customer experience, and also evaluate your agents performance, so you can further educate and enhance their skills.

Workforce Management

In a busy customer service department, you need to plan efficiently to be able to execute just as efficiently. With workforce management you can plan, schedule and execute perfectly within your customer service department.

Omnichannel Routing

Omnichannel Routing lets your agents connect to the customer on any channel from any device. You need to be where your customer expect you to be, and be able to ineract with them on their terms and ground. Automatic Contact Distributor distributes the inbound interactions with precision and balance. Also Interactive Voice Response and Proactive Outbound is included here.

Add Real-Time Authentication to the equation

Real-Time Authentication

By adding Real-Time Authentication to the End-to-End Customer Service Solution, you’ll be able to save time on each call, because the caller is authenticated by the voice recognition, so you don’t have to annoy the customer with endless security questions.

Features and solutions included in Customer Service Compliance

The features in here can all be added and removed so it fits your needs and organization.

eComms Surveillance

Surveil all customer interactions across all interaction touchpoints. This is also including advanced workflow and detection models.

GDPR Compliance

With our GDPR compliance solution, you keep a straight line while working with personal information.

Interaction Recording

Record all customer interactions, if you are obliged to do so after international or national law.

Record Keeping

The interactions you record, must be stored in a compliant and accessable way. Our record keeping let you do just that.

Compliance Archiving

Are you required to archive all compliance measures, to follow legal regulations and laws?

The perfect end-to-end customer service solution

Whether you’ll go for the total end-to-end customer service solution, or you’ll tailor it so it fits you business’ scale and scope, is up to you, and will in every single case be perfect.