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Interaction Analytics

Actionable insights

Record. Analyze. Act.

Differentiate your business from the competitors by leveraging Interaction Analytics and acting on them. The AI-powered and cloud-based software understand more than 40 different languages, accents and dialects – including all Nordic languages.

With NICE Nexidia Interaction Analytics you can record all your customer interactions, both text and voice, and let the software turn the interaction data into valuable insights which you can act on immediately.

Nexidia Interaction Analytics gives you access to the world’s most powerful omnichannel interaction analytics solution, powered by neural phonetic networks that turn all your customer interactions into valuable insights. These insights will empower you to drive business outcomes that can transform your entire organization. And together with the other CX solutions in our portfolio, you can outrun your competition.

Video about customer engagement analytics

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Instant business impact


Understand your customer and what drive the sales. Differentiate the experience you provide your customer from your competitors using the powerful insights.


Enables proactive review capabilities for compliance that leave collusive and manipulative behaviour no place to hide.​


Predict tomorrow’s churn today based on voice analytics. Address high-risk churn proactively to drive better customer retention.​

Agent Experience

The agents get real-life insight into their performance. They can improve based on data. Onboarding of new agents become smooth and efficient.

Business agility

The Interaction Analytics solution from Nexidia is cloud-based and that results in you are always current and up to date, and you can access the data from anywhere.


Easy, real-time, and at-the-hand reporting and performance analytics.

Collect, analyze and act on all customer interaction data​

Monitor 100% of your interactions

NICE Nexidia Analytics analyses 100% of voice and text interactions which will unlock the information hidden in your greatest assets, your recorded customer interactions. It will enable you to discover issues and manage performance like never before.

Insights that actually lead to actions​​

Develop and monitor your most important KPIs, then use powerful analysis to discover correlations, root cause analysis, and compliance scores.​

Deliver on compliance requirements ​​

NICE Nexidia Analytics patented audio discovery technology is incredibly accurate and allows you to tap into the wealth of information that’s locked away in audio content. By enabling analysis of all the recordings in your data set, you can complete reviews for litigation, regulatory and compliance investigations at a fraction of the cost of human review or transcription.

Collect data from all customer touchpoints

Collect data from all customer touchpoints

Nexidia Analytics will organise, analyze, and operationalise data from both audio and text interactions.

Get valuable insights about customer behavior from every touchpoint of their journey with your business. With the ability to mine vital agent and customer data assembled from any source, including audio, chat, e-mail, SMS, surveys, and social media, organizations begin to live and breathe by the analytical insights found in the troves of information at their fingertips.

All sources of data are brought together into one view, giving organizations the ability to look closely at correlations and trends, uncover root causes and build predictive models to ultimately improve both agent and customer experience while inevitably saving costs and reducing customer effort.


How To Use Interaction Analytics​

Nexidia Analytics is the only true omnichannel, comprehensive view of customer interactions in the industry. Users can make use of this innovation in many ways:

Search datasets across all interaction channels with threshold settings to allow for flexibility in spoken or written phrase detection (such as typos or broken speech patterns).​

As your demands for more specific searches arise, the Query Builder allows for multiple queries to be built on one another or linked to particular interaction channels.

Visually identify frequently used phrases across multiple interaction channels – text, speech, and audio.​

Identify patterns by easily correlating data from one channel with another.​

Discover indicators of positive or negative influence on your desired business outcome.​

Study if customer conversations are similar across voice and text interactions, or different, and find out why.​

Continually monitor trends to track upward and downward movement, and gain insight into emerging trends while ensuring initial KPI’s.​

Easily export standard reports, or build custom reports as various business objectives require different sets of information.​

See what customers are calling, chatting, and emailing about most.​

Track customer activity across channels, such as support queries that start over email and escalate to chat.​

Identify trending phrases whether spoken or written, numbers of interactions containing those specific phrases, and phrases that are similar to one another or used in the same context.​

Create reports designed to study outliers, such as negative and positive sentiment scores or numbers of service calls scheduled across various contact centers.​

Reveal trends across all channels

Reveal things you didn’t know to look for. The emerging issues, trends, and topics that merit further investigation. You can navigate through word-clouds to understand the relationships between topics and the relative occurrence of these topics.

Customer sentiment is measured on each interaction and is used to understand the issues that relates to high and low customer satisfaction. For a truly omnichannel discovery experience, Nexidia Analytics’ discovery feature accepts text input from any and all text data sources. Given the growing percentage of interactions on text channels, this capability captures far more accurate information than just voice discovery alone.


NICE Nexidia computer view

Metrics-Driven Performance Management​

Ensure That Agent Performance Aligns With Business-Critical Goals​

NICE Nexidia supports custom metrics for quality initiatives based on analytics results supporting all metadata fields in the system.​

Agent Evaluations Portal​​

Via the portal, agents review how they are performing against their peers. And even self-evaluations is a part of the collaborative coaching process.​​

Uncover Precisely How Often Events Of Interest Occur​​

Unvover every event of interest, why they happen, and how they are affecting the business.

Enable Call Center Agents To Perform At Their Best​​

With Nexidia Analytics, each interaction on every voice or text channel, is recorded and scored. The technology uses 100% of captured communications for agent evaluations and performance measurement.

Early Discovery Is Key To Investigating Text And Audio To Formulate Hypotheses​​

But this is only the beginning. The next step to leveraging the power of Nexidia Analytics is to take these insights and use them for in-depth, quantitative analysis across all customer interactions, without regard to the medium.​​

Deeper Cause-And-Effect Connections​​

Nexidia Analytics supports ad hoc searches to find any critical phrase in any channel, without the restriction of a pre-set dictionary of words or complex lexicon of phrase combinations. Once results are found, save that search using logic that defines the relationships between phrases, combined with time-based operators.​​

Start transforming the value of your call center today

TM Group will bring you safely through an effective implementation of NICE Nexidia. We work closely and discreetly with your team to set up a perfect fit for your business.

TM Group is a strategic partner to some of the largest banks and organisations in the Nordics. With 20 years of experience, TM Group are the experts in ensuring compliance and delivering outstanding customer experiences.

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