Unique, Modular, and Ergonomic for Critical 24/7 Processes

The control room lies at the heart of your security infrastructure, enabling you with centralized systems and incident management. With TM Group’s extensive experience in control room design and technology integration, we deliver solutions that enable you with immediate control of the entire network, effectively and cost efficiently.


We establish a control and monitoring environment that ensures that operators stay alert and in control. Thus, when an incident does occur, there is an immediate response with the appropriate deployment of resources.


Our comprehensive control room offering include solutions by:

  • Erich Keller, providing communication desks with a modular structure, and designed to meet technical and ergonomic needs.
  •  WEYTEC, enabling control of multiple PCs, workstations, and platforms with a single keyboard, as well as performing complex macros with a single key stroke.
  • Svenstol, offering a suitable 24-chair with great seating comfort, while providing incentive for more active sitting.
  • PATLITE, combining innovative LED technology and advanced optical design with sound modules, to deliver signaling products.

WEY Smart Touch Keyboard

Erich Keller Communications Desks Overview


Eizo High Resolution Monitors Overview