The Right Action At The Right Time for Every Incident

24/7 operation centers require a reliable and efficient communication system to effectively manage emergencies and critical incidents.  TM Group delivers world-class solutions and integrated systems that enable decision makers to take the right action for every situation.


With our solutions, they can monitor multiple scenes and situations simultaneously and in real time. We enable access to and control of internet mapping services, remote control cameras, and field assets, among others.


We also take into account multiple strategic parameters such as ergonomics, lighting, sight lines, technology requirements, distribution platforms, and the types of information being monitored.


Thus, we deliver a comprehensive solution that drives accurate decisions and quick action in situations typically marked by high levels of stress, and which require real-time action.


With TM Group, you will benefit from a suite of market-leading products from Amulet Hotkey, Eyevis, EIZO, WEYTEC, Erich Keller, Svenstol, and more.


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WEY World Class Control Rooms Overview