One View. Total Control.

Today’s command and control center must acquire signals from multiple source types, including video, audio, and data – and process all these signals into actionable input.


With TM Group, you will be able to have control over the masses of information that comes into your control room, with the confidence that the required information is at hand for accurate decisions and the best action.


We provide visualization solutions for acquiring, controlling, and analyzing visual data from multiple sources, from collaborative spaces, as well as from multiple displays are arranged in workstations throughout the control room. In this way, we deliver an integrated command center that enables you to focus on optimum operations and control.


TM Group’s networked visualization system delivers capabilities from the world’s leading providers:


  • Eyevis, presenting a wide range of rear-projection solutions, LCD screens, controller hardware, and video wall management software, which can be combined with visual display systems according to your requirements.


  • EIZO, with multi-monitor setups and high-quality image display, offering optimal performance and eco-friendly features.


  • Smart Technologies, delivering a simple interface with an unlimited workspace and a multi-touch screen, which enables users to share information, record ideas, save notes, and quickly distribute outcomes remotely by e-mail.

Eyevis Solutions for Control Rooms Overview


Overview of Interactive Sharing by SMART