Meet Torbjörn Hörberg. Customer Experience SME at TM Group.

“My heart beats for customer service, and creating the best experience for customers, when they interact with the brands. It’s what I have been working with for over 18 years.

I come from working mostly in the retail world of IKEA and the customer support there. I started my journey as an agent, helping our customers have the best experience.

During my years at IKEA I worked as an agent, leader, RPA developer – well, pretty much anything you can do in a customer service center, both in local and global environments.”

The value Torbjörn brings to TM Group and our customers

For me the application is not the most important thing to have in mind, when you want to automate your business or enhance the customer experience in general.

The customers and agents are far more important. You need to know how they will react and adapt to the new tools and processes, and how we can optimize the output on both sides.

With my experience in CX, I can help to determine which processes are best to start with, how achieve optimal implementation, and what application best suits you. I deep dive into your processes, conduct thorough investigations, and define the best processes with the highest value to be automated, guided, and/or informed. Together we find the absolute best way to help your agents and customers. I boost the gatekeepers in your staff to help the whole organization adapt faster and embark on the journey towards digitalization using the right customer experience solution for your business.”

If you would like to talk to Torbjörn and know more how he can help your business optimize the customer experience, leave a comment below or send him an email on

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