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Superior Customer Experience & Agent Experience

Customer Experience is a very hot topic, and with good reason. But Customer Experience do not stand alone anymore, Agent Experience is gaining more tracktion each day. Keep a complete focus on both your customers and agents, and strive to keep both groups happy, engaged, and loyal. Both are highly relevant in contact and call centers.

But how do you do this? There are a lot of ways to improving Customer and Agent Experience. Some can be completet manually and with little to none tech or consultants involved, and some involve tech solutions and software.

On this page we will give your a deep insight into Customer Experience and Agent Experience, and we will educat you in how you can improve CX and AX for your business through video and written text.

Customer Experience
Get a perfect CSI

We create the perfect customer experience

What is Customer

Customer Experience is a term used in business, which everyone in a business should pay attention to, and describes the experience the customer(s) – individually or in bulk – has with your business, organization, or brand nomatter the touchpoint. That means you as a business need to take control of the way your brand and staff are engaging and interacting with your customers to create the best possible customer experience.

Customer Experience has become one of the hottest topics in todays business world, and is a key differentiator – especially in a highly competitive market. Win with your customer experience and other parametres wont matter as much.

The success of customer experience is often measured in CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index).

What is a good Customer Experience

What is a good Customer

A good customer experience is subjective, and is very hard to generalize. It differs from customer to customer, business to business, industry to industry and so on. 

However, one thing we can determine is that it is about feelings. Give your customer to feel good when interacting with your brand, and you have already come a long way.

But there are actions you can take to get a better uderstanding of what a good customer experience is for your customers. Hopefully you have a big pool of data you can leverage, and then combine that with power of live, human interactions, where you actually ask you customers what they want. Those two make a powerful base for understanding what a good customer experience is.

A key thing to remember is that your customer always has a choise whether to be your customer or not. Always have them choosing to be your customer.

why is customer experience important?

Why is Customer Experience important?

Customer Experience is the gateway to a strong retention rate, low-effort sales, efficient budget managemet, low churn, good reputation, and increased revenue. A customer experience that succeeds the expectations of the customer is what will be the key to winning over your competitors and will form a strong base in reaching your business’ growth-ambitions and dreams.

An unsuccessful or bad Customer Experience strategy, on the other hand, will be a fast track to business decline, and the consequenses will be massive and devastating.

Customer Experience is important, because it is becoming the new main differentiator, and will give a bigger competitive edge and advantage than both price and product.

How can cCustomer Experience be improved?

How can Customer Experience be improved?

Customer Experience can be improved in a number of different ways. Some initiatives require large and complex setups, budget, time, and effort, some involve little or no effort or budget, and some involve the people and the willingness to change.

The Customer Experience strategy

A Customer Experience strategy is key. A CX strategy can be a lot of things, and looks different from business to business. But you need to choose the path you want to go down in achieving the goals you have set out for your self. We can help you plan that strategy – book our consultant for a free consultation here to get that process started, or to get a second set of eyes on your strateg as it is now.

The people

Customer Experience cannot be improved without buy-in from the employees. The agents and other people in the organization need to have the right mindset, possess the right values and attitude, and be a part of the desired culture. Reqruitment, onboarding, and staff retention strategies are very important and should be managed carefully.

Research and data

When you have data to analyze and know how to use, you know how to provide a Customer Experience that will be successful, because you are no longer basing your decisions on gut-feelings. A great place to start is to ask your customers what they want.

The tools

The tools at the agent’s disposal play a very important role in succeeding in creating a successful Customer Experience strategy. Have the right tools to be utilized and leveraged by the agents in your contact or call center in providing the experience the customers want. The options are vast and every tool has its own capability and benefit. We have a complete set of tools, solutions, and software to improve your CX – check them out here.

Customer Experience tools, software, and solutions


Automation is very hiped during these days, and with good reason. Automation has great benefits to the organization and the customers, and will drive a better customer experience. We are creating automation for a lot of contact and call centers, and we are seeing great results in terms of improving the experience for the customers.

Automation has many names, forms, and shapes. The total automation solutions we call Business Process Automation (BPA), and include automation types like Robotic Proces Automation (RPA), Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA), and customer self-service. Customer self-service is the type that relates directly to CX the most because it offers a way for customers to handle their requests themselves, and this is actually what many customers want. RDA and RPA also has a significant effect on CX, because it provides better terms for the agents and llow them to perform a better job when interacting with the customers.

Real-Time Authentication

Real-Time Authentication is a software that uses the leading voice recognition in the world to identify the person on the other end of the call purely based on the callers voice. No need for the endless and annoying security questions. This smoothens the interaction between the contact or call center and te customer, and that will result in a better CX.

Interaction Analytics

Being able to analyze 100% of all customer interactions is more valuable than you think. Interaction Analytics opens a door to a whole new world of understanding your customers. When you have access to this data, you get to know your customers, what they like, dislike, want, don’t want and so on. Its actionable insight lets you create a strategy for your customer experience based on actal and real customer data.

Call Recording

Call Recording is not just for compliance purposes, it can also help you improve the customer experience. Record all calls between agents in the contact or call center and your customers for educational purposes. Create an environment where your agents get better for the sake of themselves and the customers.

A complete CX platform born in the cloud

What we call CXone is a complete Customer Experience platform, that can manage all the aspects of a contact or call center. It was born in the cloud, and is fully integratable with third party applications. CXone is fully customizable and scalable, which means you can grow with the platform. You only activate and pay for the featurs you want, and you can easily scale up or down. A CX platform like CXone will take your Customer Expereince game to the next level as you enter the digital and agile business world.

Agent Experience
Happy Agents = Happy Customers

What is Agent

Agent Experience is a business term mainly used by employees in or with close relation to a contact center or call center. AX describes the experience a customer service/contact center/call center/customer support agent has by working with a particular brand or organization.

It is a new thing to be focussing on Agent Experience on the same level as Customer Experience, but we believe it just as important, because happy agents/employees create happy customers, because you can feel that the agent loves his/her job.

The Agent Experience is often measured by the ESI (Employee satisfaction Index), which is then split into departments, and the contact or call center cn therefore be isolated.

Young female teacher having video conference call

What is a good Agent

A good Agent Experience comes down to a lot of things in your business and organization. A good Agent Experience is a subjective opinion, and no two agents feel exactly the same. It’s a difficult job to create a good Agent Experience, and requires effort from many places within an organization. Human Resources is an important part of creating a good AX, the people and culture within the contact or call center aswell, but also the tools the agent has to perform a good job plays a vital part.

But just like Customer Experience one thing is certain about Agent Experience, and that is feelings takes the biggest part of the pie. Get the agents to feel good, and you have come a long way already.

Why is Agent Experience important?

Why is Agent
Experience important?

Agent Experience is the exercise that will keep your contact center agents happy, engaged, and loyal. And the saying is that whenever your agents and employees are happy, it will rub off on the customers, and then they will be happy.

Besides happy customer come low churn of agents, and that will lower the costs.

A good Agent Experience will also improve your reputation among potential candidates for an open position.

How can Agent Experience be improved?​

How can Agent Experience be improved?

What you should do to begin with to improve agent experience in your contact or call center is to talk to the agents, about what makes them happy, what makes them unhappy, what makes them productive and efficient, and what does not. Adapt your strategy to reflect the the data you gather from this investigation. This will usually happen with rich involvement from HR.

To improve the agent experience and the efficiency among the staff, there are several tools and software you can implement and deploy.

Agent Experience tools, software, and solutions


Just like Customer Experience, automation like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) will help you agents be efficient, productive, happy, engaged, and loyal to your company.

RPA is working on behalf of the agent, with no interaction with the agent, and will perform the mundane and no-brain tasks in the background while the agents concentrate on the real and live interaction with the customer. No agent really wants to perform these routine tasks anyway, so you’ll improve the ESI just by implementing RPA.

RDA is on the other hand an interactive robotic assistant, that will oversee an interaction, and the actions the agent take, and as the agent begins an action, the robot will ask if it should perform it on behalf of the agent. In other words is a virtual assistant to the agent. RDA will create a work environment for the agent with both the agent and the customer on the high horse.

Besides RDA and RPA is also customer self-service, which can also improve the conditions for the agent, because the inbound interactions to the call or contact center will be deflected, and therefore the workload is not as big. But customer self-service is more in reference to Customer Experience, which you can read more about further up on the page.

WorkForce Management

WFM is a powerful tool in planning with right number of agents, and the right skillsets on-floor in any call or contact center.

WFM will make sure no agent ever feel redundant, over-looked, over-worked, or wrongly used again. WFM will make sure no CC Manager ever feels stressed in planning the workforce again, and will bypass the headache that comes hand in hand with that assignment.

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