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To give you an alternative overview of where you will be able to find us and our customers, we have made this Sectors overview for you. Have a look, and if your business is in one of these sectors, be sure we will be able to help you reaching your business-critical goals. If your business sector is not to be found on this page, you are more than welcome to contact us, to hear if we also can help you.


The largest part of our customers is in the financial sector, where especially our Trading Floor and Compliance solutions are popular but also Customer Experience is starting to catch on.


Almost every telecommunication company has a call center, and our Customer Experience solutions match perfectly with a call center/customer support.

Energy and supply

For the energy sector we offer Control Room solutions, which help the employees keep an eye on all of the surroundings.


Every security company needs a Control Room, and this is where TM Group is a trusted partner.


Insurance companies also have large call centers, where our Customer Experience solutions are a valueable tool. Also Compliance solutions come in handy here.


At unions there are a lot of inbound calls to the call center, and a Customer Experience solution from TM Group, help manage that.


In order for supervisors at a manufactor can keep in eye on the production, a Control Room will be a valuable resource.


The CX is an important part of the governmental entities, and our solutions can enhance that CX. Both state, regions and communes.


Heathcare is a sector we support with CX and Compliance solutions.

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