Digital Customer Onboarding

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Streamline business processes by digitizing identity management

Digital customer onboarding enables your organization to collect client data in an effective and centralized manner, reducing friction during the onboarding process.

Our partner B-trust, is s already in use by more than 110 million users around the world, helping financial institutions, government, and retail companies automate their workflow, enhance due diligence, and prevent fraud.  

Introducing B-Trust

B-Trust works as a technology layer between you and your customer. 

By making use of electronic signature, advanced OCR, document digitalization, and identification & validation tools. And by providing a centralized and compliant data management system. Both clients and organizations have an easy way to interact and manage data during the onboarding process. 


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The paradigm is shifting. Customer experience is a competitive edge. Will you stay behind or come out on top?

Find out how digital onboarding can help your organization.

Key features

Flexible Workflow

Flexible Workflow

Flexible drag&drop interface to streamline and standardize creation and approval of new products.

Advanced Identity Management

Advanced Identity Management

Advanced onboarding tools that allow you to manage compliance and sanctions throughout the client's entire life cycle

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Manage customers, employees and third party compliance from a single dashboard.

Market Place for APIs

Market Place for APIs

With B-Trust you can use Scanovate's own applications, and /or those from third party developers.

Individual customer onboarding case example

There is a thin line between properly checking an individual and at the same time improving the customer journey.  In one hand, while customers are demanding faster, simpler, and more secure ways of onboarding. Regulatory bodies, on the other hand, are demanding ever more from financial service providers.

So as a financial service organization, you often want to identify and classify the clients into risk categories. To achieve that, it is very common to have controls hardcoded and static in different systems. This makes for a very complex journey whenever any attempt to improve the customer journey takes place.


This is why B-trust was developed. To fill in the gap between staying compliant and providing a simpler customer journey.

With its simple drag&drop interface, an organization can create new onboarding processes within days. You can then connect to a wide range of innovative tools such as OCR, face recognition, and liveness detection, enhancing compliance and customer journey. The new user can automatically be checked against sanctions/PEP and terrorist databases.

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Smart Chatbot

By using robotic process automation the idea of near-instand fulfillment of new accounts opening, new loans, or even insurance claims are not far fetched. Collecting data from different departments and databases, and working with legacy systems is easy for RPA robots. 

When pairing RPA with an onboarding tool such as B-Trust, an organization can reach new hights in customer service, where financial services can be available to clients within minutes, instead of days or even more common, weeks.

Our team of specialist are eager to show you have these two amazing tools can be used to help your organization gain a competitive edge by providing better services and saving costs.

Robotic process automation and digital onboarding

We know that onboarding is often the first impression a client will have from a financial institution. And we already showed how the process of gathering information for KYC/KYB can be done with as little friction as possible.

But one thing not many people realize, is the amount of paper work and employee working hours that goes into opening a new account, starting a new loan, or any service within the financial world. 

So the big question is, how can the cost of document management be minimized?


What is a good Customer Experience
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