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Unlock the value in your data with advanced technology
With Nexidia Analytics, you get access to the world’s most powerful omnichannel interaction analytics solution, powered by neural phonetic networks that turn all your customer interactions into valuable insights. These insights will empower you to drive business outcomes that can transform your entire organization.

Experience core benefits from day one.



Understand your customer and what drives sales. Make all your advisors as good as your best advisor.



Enables proactive review capabilities for compliance that leave collusive and manipulative behaviour no place to hide.


Predict tomorrow’s churn today based on voice analytics. Address high-risk churn proactively to drive better customer retention.


Never miss a call. Collect, analyze and act on all customer interaction data.

Monitor 100% of your data
Nexidia Analytics analyses 100% of voice and text interactions which will unlock the information hidden in your greatest assets, your recorded customer interactions. It will enable you to discover issues and manage performance like never before.

Insights that actually lead to actions
Develop and monitor your most important KPIs, then use powerful analysis to discover correlations, root cause analysis, and compliance scores.

Deliver on compliance requirements 
Nexidia Analytics patented audio discovery technology is incredibly accurate and allows you to tap into the wealth of information that’s locked away in audio content. By enabling analysis of all the recordings in your data set, you can complete reviews for litigation, regulatory and compliance investigations at a fraction of the cost of human review or transcription.

Whether your focus is sales, compliance or lowering churn, Nexidia Analytics gives you the power to transform your business and amaze your customers.
Callcenter FTE 100+


Financial Service Institutes

Insurance corporations

Legal firms


Let TM Group be your preferred partner for an effective implementation of Nexidia Analytics

Why TM Group
We work closely and discreetly with your team to set up a perfect fit for your business. 

We install, manage and perform all technical implementation. Our domain expert consultants instruct and advice on how NICE Nexidia can help you get the best possible outcome to decide on vital issues in the future.

We offer free advice before you choose. Simply contact via email – or call us

NICE Nexidia is the right choice for you
NICE Nexidia is a good choice for larger organisations where call centers are the critical touch point for interacting with customers, driving satisfaction, and meeting stringent compliance requirements.

TM Group is a strategic partner to some of the largest banks and organisations in Scandinavia. With over 15 years of experience  TM Group are the experts in ensuring compliance and delivering outstanding customer engagements.

Start transforming the value of your call center today. You will be up and running in no time. Start with a meeting, experience the demo and start seeing amazing results.


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