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Trading Floors & Asset Management

Trading Floors and Asset Management are our core market. It is where TM Group were born in 2001. Whether you work at a trading floor or as an asset manager, we have trading solutions that suits you.

Trading Floor & Asset Management

Market-leading applications, the security that follows will make your traders perform at a maximum.
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Banking & Financial Services

Mainly for the banking industry and financial services. But if you are from another industry, and are looking for compliance, don't hesitate to take a look.

Banking & Financial Services

Technology is necessary to comply with regulations in today's world. We have the RegTech to support your business on being compliant.
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Contact & Call Centers

Contact and call centers have so many different options to stand out, and create a competitive edge for themselves. With our tech-solutions for contact and call centers you can do just that.


Contact/Call Center as a Service is one of our main markets to operate in. We offer multiple tech solutions for contact and call centers.
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