February 15, 2017

Regulatory Reform: Don’t Hedge Your Bets Yet

With the non-stop news coming from the US on reforms and changes, we are getting a bit confused on what is the future going to be… this interesting article from Nice-Actimize gives it a thought…


“With the recent installation of a new President in the United States, there is an enormous amount of uncertainty as to what shape regulatory reform will take within our financial markets structure.  Will there be massive changes, full gutting of certain laws, or will many regulatory requirements simply be done away with entirely? We have all seen many news stories with similar headlines that hint at “The end of Dodd-Frank” or “A massive undoing of regulatory reform” as examples.  However, financial institutions need to be careful before hedging against any anticipated pullback in regulatory requirements before those changes actually transpire. Just don’t count on a certain direction before it becomes reality. There are some good reasons for gauging one’s response here carefully……………….”


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