No More Endless Questions & Passwords

When your customers dial into the contact center it is critical to provide them with a superior experience at the outset. However, when you are both forced to go through a barrage of authentication questions, to safely access their account and personal information – this becomes impossible.


TM Group offers you the market’s leading voice biometrics solution by NICE – so you can avoid this hassle and get to the business of happy customers.


 Unique Capabilities

  • Leverage previous customer calls for zero- effort enrollment
  • Analyze the customer’s voice from the first second of the call
  • Improve security with 4 security levels
  • Automatically provide guidance to agents in real-time

Business Impact

  • Reduce average handle time by 40 seconds per call
  • Save ~60 – 80 cents per call
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase agent productivity

TM Group is your premier partner in improving customer satisfaction and contact center performance by automatically, effortlessly, and securely authenticating callers in real time.

Consulting Paper

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