Routine Tasks with Flawless Accuracy & Unmatched Speed

In every contact center and back office there are numerous routine tasks that demand accuracy and speed, but don’t require decision-making. In fact, such repetitive processes can be time-consuming, and are often prone to errors. Furthermore, these tasks can be frustrating for employees, as well as a waste of precious resources.


What if you could assign such mundane, ​but mission-critical tasks to an accurate, fast, and single-minded employee? Say, like a robot?


TM Group brings the innovative Robotic Process Automation solution from NICE to automate your routine back office and contact center tasks.


These could include desk-top activities, such as: log-in/out of applications, field entry, copy and paste, template auto-fill, calculations, and more.


The benefits are many:

  • Optimized resources
  • Reduced costs
  • 24/7 productivity
  • Accelerated turnaround times
  • Flawless accuracy

With advanced and innovative technology, along with our efficiency and project delivery domain expertise, TM Group is your premier partner for driving improvements in your back office and contact center.

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