The Compliance Challenge


Today’s ever more demanding regulatory environment is causing a great disruption to financial firms and their IT departments.


With Dodd Frank, FINRA, MAR (Market Abuse Regulation), and MiFID II coming up, and the data protection regulations of GDPR and DSP2, hundreds of pages of regulatory guidelines must now be confronted.


How is a bank to keep up and effectively comply?


With TM Group’s Shield, a complete compliance solution and the only one that covers the full scope of record keeping, compliance archiving, and trade surveillance.


Best of Breed Technology

Shield is comprised of the best technology solutions in the market, providing autonomy and vendor neutrality to pick and choose the best technologies for your specific needs.


Pre-Integration Across All Layers

TM Group has developed comprehensive and innovative, built-in integrations of all the application layers. Thus, you can have an efficient and simplified delivery that is headache-free for IT.


Flexible Deployment

TM Group supports the implementation approach that best suits your needs and requirements, enabling a cloud-based, on-premise, or a hybrid deployment.


Extensive Domain Expertise

Furthermore, you will benefit from our extensive experience and proven domain expertise in global cross-regulatory compliance.


Scandinavia’s Leading Trusted Advisor

With over 15 years of experience in providing top-tier compliance solutions Scandinavia’s leading banks TM Group is your trusted advisor and premier partner for bullet proof compliance.