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Interaction Recording

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One of the cornerstones of an effective compliance program is compliance voice recording. Whether on the trading floor, in the contact center, or the back office – robust risk prevention means that your organization must be able to handle the full scope of customer voice and digital interactions.

TM Group offers you a broad range of interaction and voice recording solutions from the industry’s leading technology providers, coupled with advanced application integration, and supported by our team of compliance experts.

To meet today’s high demand and regulations from authorities, it is vital that you are able to conduct a thorough, precise and quick investigation on request by the regulators or internal teams.

Interaction recording is not solely enough these days, you also need to be ready to provide full transcriptions of your recordings. How do you do that? Read more about call transcription further down.

Interaction Recording Features and benefits

Ensure compliance with the increasing complexity of regulatory requirements

Capture, monitor, and analyze the broad variety of interactions and transactions

Record voice interactions, chat, and email in real-time​

Proactively minimize risk​

Detect and prevent potential regulatory breaches​

Improve investigative capabilities​

Comply with following regulations

MiFID ll 100%
FINRA 100%

System integration features in the back-office


Millions of interactions happen daily via Skype. Record all your Skype interactions with co-workers, customer and business partners to stay compliant and still work efficiently.

Microsoft Teams

Integrate your interaction recording into Microsoft Teams, and record all conversations with partners, customer and co-workers in a compliant and secure way.

Voice-to-text in every call

Call transcription

In many instances you are obliged to provide transcription of your customer interaction, and can have as little as 72 hours to conduct the investigation and deliver the data. These requirements are especially being demanded by regulators operating in and keeping an eye on the financial vertical.

This is a very difficult, costly and time consuming task to do manually. With our call transcription solutions you can automate the entire process, which is interconnected to the interaction recording, obviously. It handles the recording, the downloading, the transcription, the keyword searches, and the text file output. The only thing you have to do is initiate the process and deliver the end-product to the requesting institution.

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