Fully automated robotic assistant with no human interaction

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

The robot you don't see, but know is there

Leave the routine tasks to the RPA robot

A customer service agent using RPA for his or her back office finishes a customer call upwards to 40 seconds faster, than a customer service agent who is not using RPA.

Cut the average handle time per customer call down and get ahead of the customer’s expectation with RPA. Robotic Process Automation is integrated in the cloud or the company service, and execute the requested tasks across all desktops and applications in the organization, without ever needing any interactions from a human-being. You don’t see the RPA robot, but you know it is there, and your know it is making your life easier, faster and better. 

We offer RPA solutions from two of the market-leading SaaS companies in the world, Jacada and NICE. As a customer at TM Group, you get complete control of the process, and you choose the RPA solution you desire. As system integrators we develop the tailored application to your needs, integrate and implement it, and support it.

What does RPA mean?

RPA (Robotics Process Automation) is a piece of technology any employee can use at a company. It especially comes in handly for larger customer service centers and call centers. Via Marchine Learning (ML), automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and some manual and initial input from employees and evelopers, it can assist any employee in completing routine and mundane back-office tasks, such as look-up, copy/paste, or any other task which doesn’t require human decision-making. It frees up time and hassle for the customer service agent to complete other and more demanding tasks.

RPA Video Time​

Listen to what our partner, Jacada, has to say about RPA

The benefits of RPA

Cut The Avarage Handle Time By 40 Seconds​

Put focus and effort into more demanding tasks

Increase agent productivity and satisfaction

Digitalize your business automatically

The robot takes care of routine tasks in the background of your business. Works on pre-set rules and structures. You know they are there, but you’ll never see them.

The robot works in combination and interaction with a human, and only performs tasks after acceptance.

Give your customers a chance to self-service via a chatbot, IVR etc. Studies show 91 % customers would prefer to self-service, if given the chance. A RPA-integrated self-service solution communicates with your brand around your agent, deflecting 25 – 50% of inbound interactions.

Unlock the full power of automation

While you could go with only integrating RPA  in your business, and still get massiv business impacts in terms of the above mentioned benefits, but why stop there?

You have the possibility to unlock the full power of automation with the complete scope of Business Process Automation, which includes RPA, RDA and self-service for your customers.

While we are already developing and integrating RPA in your business, with minimal effort from both your and our end, you can connect every automation tool, and create a win-win-win situation for your business and your customers. 

Growth. innovation. trust.

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