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Real-Time Authentication

No More Endless security Questions & Passwords

Automated and Real-Time Authentication

When your customer service center receives an inbound call from a customer, it is critical to provide them with a superior experience at the outset. However, when you are forced to go through a barrage of authentication questions, to safely access their account and personal information, and to verify who the caller really is, this becomes a hassle. You therefore need Real-Time Authentication.

TM Group offers you the market’s leading voice biometrics solution by NICE – so you can avoid the hassle and get to the business-end of happy customers and a seamless customer experience. Welcome to the world of Real-Time Authentication.

What is Real-Time Authentication (RTA)?

Real-Time Authentication (for short: RTA) is a technology that enables your customer service center to authenticate and verify the caller via voice recognition. This skipps and replaces the endless and annoying security questions, the customer service agent is obliged to ask the customer. The result is faster handle-time, hostile environment for fraudsters, obviously a better customer experience, and much more.

Watch This RTA Video From Our Partner, NICE​

Business impact from RTA

You will most likely be positively surprised to see all the impact implementing Real-Time Authentication will have on your business. Here is just a few of them.

Reduce average handle time by 40 seconds per call​

Reduces operational costs

Improve customer satisfaction and the general experience with your brand​

Increase customer service agent productivity​

Keep fraudsters out

Multi-channel voice print

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