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TM Group is dedicated to understanding the specific needs of your trader infrastructure. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions and trading applications for the full trading lifecycle, covering infrastructure, global connectivity, and data services.


Our Trading Floor Simplification solution improves security and reduces downtime by placing heavy-duty computing processes away from the trading floor. Equipped with a multifunctional keyboard and small, stateless zero-client device, traders get the information they need rendered instantly, in high fidelity and on multiple monitors.


TM Group provides the market’s leading solutions for trader infrastructure:


  • Amulet Hotkey a leader in system integration for remote physical and virtual workstation solutions.
  • Erich Keller provides communication desks with a modular structure and designed to meet technical and ergonomic needs.
  • EIZO, with multi-monitor setups and high-quality image display, offers the optimal performance and eco-friendly features.
  • WEYTEC enables you to control multiple PCs, workstations, and platforms with a single keyboard, and to perform complex macros with a single key stroke.

Case Study

Amulet Hotkey Case Study


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Trading Floor PC Over IP Optimization solutions