State of the Art Trading Floors

With nearly two decades of experience, TM Group is Scandinavia’s leader in delivering tier-1 trading floor solutions and services. Our broad range of solutions enable trading floors and financial institutions to meet the most critical requirements of a multicast trading floor.


These solutions enable simplified deployment, improved security, high availability, scalability, and predictable performance.

We have holistic approach to the trading floor, having developed a specific expertise in designing, building, and integrating trading floor systems and integrated solutions, including for telephony, voice recording, compliance solutions, PC over IP, switches, and more.


Furthermore, to meet high industry standards, we partner with the leading global trade room vendors including: British Telecom (BT), IPC, NICE, Amulet Hotkey (AHK), WEY Technology, Eyevis and more.

With our solutions and deep domain expertise we help you ensure regulatory compliance, improve risk management, and enhance the efficiency of internal processes.


WEY Smart Trading Floors Overview