Manage & Monitor Every Trade Activity

For a trading compliance program to be comprehensive and effective, it must include a complete trading surveillance solution that is backed by deep domain expertise.


On the one hand, you need to be able to detect the full scope of anomalous and non-compliant activities, including: market manipulation, market abuse, fraud, business conduct standards violations, conflicts of interest, and behavioral patterning.


On the other hand, it is equally critical to have on hand the know-how, in-depth understanding, and best practices for preventing fraudulent activities. For, when non-compliance occurs, the damage to your organization can be devastating.


With TM Group as your trusted advisor, you are covered on both fronts.


We bring you the industry’s leading and most comprehensive solution for real-time market surveillance, supervision, and compliance – delivered in partnership with our team of Scandinavia’s premier compliance experts.


Industry Leading Technology From: NICE Actimize


Comprehensive Capabilities:

  • Monitor and analyze the broad spectrum of trades
  • Analyze structured data from both internal and external data sources
  • Identify, alert, and prevent suspicious activities

Trade & Market Surveillance



Trade Surveillance

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