Voice Communications for Modern Trading Facilities

With the growing speed, complexity, and regulation of today’s financial markets, you need a coherent trading communications solution. Regardless of where you are, which device you use, or which channel suits you best, you need a solution that connects you securely to the global community, all while ensuring compliance.


Powered by the industry’s leading technology providers such as IPCBT and more, the TM Group suite of solutions serves as a single, end-to-end and seamless telephony solution. Its intuitive, easy-to-use interface meets the needs of today’s traders, who are accustomed to using multiple channels, including touch screens and tablets. The TM Group also offers multiple levels of security for users and devices, enabling traders with a seamless and reliable working environment anywhere, anytime.


Features and Benefits:

  • Complete mobility, connecting anywhere anytime
  • Easy interoperability and integration
  • Flexibility to scale trading operations and support business growth
  • A streamlined approach to regulatory compliance
  • Built-in redundancy to protect the business

Solution Overview

BT Trading Voice Solutions


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