Our compliance partner, Shield, has launched a new feature called Advanced Workflow to better support business processes and needs. It is an immediate part of the eComms Surveillance solutions, which already include many business-critical features.

The new feature unites all relevant teams into one single dashboard, allowing financial firms and other regulated entities to build their own workflows and business processes. The very simple drag and drop interface, allow all compliance officers and relevant colleagues to create, update and amend workflows best suited their specific organization.

Nicole Aviv, Head of Product at Shield states, “eComms surveillance is vital for all modern financial firms, ensuring regulatory compliance and excellent service for clients, but equally this function needs to be well integrated with the operations of the business. Shield’s new Advanced Workflow function ensures alerts and rules are tailored to the internal structure of the firm, providing support to operations rather than creating an additional task for compliance teams.” Nicole then continues, “Advanced Workflow maps the steps following an alert, for example passing the details to a compliance officer to make a decision whether a further investigation by the appropriate individual/team is required. This approach not only adds further flexibility in the deployment of surveillance, but it also ensures greater automation and the efficiencies this delivers.”

We at TM Group are exited about the new feature and can’t wait to introduce it to our many compliance customers, who have been requesting more intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces when it comes to workflows and cross-collaboration.

Would you like to know how eComms Surveillance and advanced workflow can benefit you?

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