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What people say about the FREE CX Consultation

I was very impressed and excited about all the opportunities and solutions that you can offer. And hope we get to work together in the future. I would definitely recommend everyone to take such an hour with you. Thank you.

Maia Riisberg
Customer Center Manager at SEAS-NVE

How can you boost your contact center's performance with TM Group?

Get the biggest win of the week by spending an hour of your time online-talking to our contact center expert, Torbjörn Hörberg.

Challenges your might be facing, which Torbjörn can help with:

  • How to really understand who your customers are, and what they’re really saying when interacting with your agents.
  • How to save time on mundane and routine tasks, which no one really wants to do, using RPA and RDA.
  • How to get the customer to perform a self-service using a smart chatbot or an IVR.
  • How to track your customer through all touchpoints.
  • Optimize the skillset and the number of agents on the floor at the right times.
  • … and much more.


This is a unique opportunity for you and your organization to sit down with one of the leading contact center, customer service and customer experience experts in the Nordic, and pick his brain.

Torbjörn speaks Swedish and English, but if you’d feel more comfortable having either a Danish or Finnish-speaking representative joining the call, please state so in the message box, when you place the booking.

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How the FREE CX consultation works

  1. Click the big, gold-ish button, or click here.
  2. Find the time slot that fits into your own calendar.
  3. Fill out basic contact information.
  4. Book!
  5. Torbjörn will contact you via email within 24 hours to confirm the booking and ask you two additional questions, that you should prepare the answers for.

The investigation

While you wait for your consultation with Torbjörn, know that Torbjörn and his team are doing thorough investigation of the experience, service, and journey you offer your customers. Torbjörn and his team know where to look and what to look for. We do this to offer you the best possible experience during the consultation with Torbjörn, and to provide you with the highest possible outcome and value.

Meet Torbjörn

Torbjörn is Swedish, has worked in almost all every role within a contact center before he joined TM Group in 2019. He’s been working with IKEA, where he faced many different situations, and gained a long and vast experience in optimizing processes.

Torbjörn knows where to focus first and most to get the best ROI from your investments and initiatives.

Book you free consultation with Torbjörn today, and start your journey towards a better and more efficient contact center. Read more about Torbjörn here.