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Cloud9 Trading Communication

state of the art and future-proof trading communication

This cloud-based trader communications platform with integrated interoperability and voice data is the perfect trading solutions for small and medium-sized trading firms. It takes your trading business to the cloud and lets you work from anywhere in the world at any time you want. It is fast, accurate and provides the most responsive and agile platform for traders in all industries.

Large-sized trading firms can obviously also benefit from the Cloud9 trading platform with great success and ROI. No doubt about that! But when are categorized as a large-sized trading firm, you might be looking for something like the Unigy or IQ/MAX Touch from IPC, or in combination with each other.

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Cloud9 trading communication features

This list gives you the best overview of the solution from Cloud9.

Desktop application

Google Chrome web browser.


Open sourced platform developed by Google that provides browsers and application with real-time communication capabilities.


Simple and easy to understand SaaS business and pricing model.

Amazon Web Services

The Cloud9 infrastructure is hosted in an Amazon Web Service (AWS) environment.

Secure Disaster Recovery

Since the service can be accessed from the disaster recovery is built into the application. DRaaS. Watch the video here.

Levels of access

To meet the need for level-divided access and to meet the compliance regulation, it is possible to grant specific levels of access to users, admins and compliance personnel.


The application is secure and encrypted from end to end, and are using the best ciphers available.

Industry certification

Both AICPA SOC2 and ISO27001 were achieved by Cloud9 in the Spring of 2017.

Voice recording and archiving

Complying with industry and regulator standards and demands. Cloud archive via the AWS infrastructure, on-prem using open API with a solution like NICE or Shield, or the hybrid which includes both.

Mobility and speed

All users can access the application and connect to each other instantly and from any location in the world as long as the device is connected to the internet.

Various connection types

Shout-down, ring-down, Intercom, click-to-call and hoots.


Cloud9 is easy to install within minutes and can be scaled to all levels.

Cloud9 and IPC with the Next Generation Voice Trading Solution

Cloud9 and IPC are working together to offer an advanced, open voice trading and collaborating solution. The integrated cloud-based service unites Cloud9’s C9 Trader™ voice communications and analytics platform, IPC’s Unigy™ trading communications platform and the Connexus™ Cloud financial ecosystem. The trading community benefits from a unified solution for multichannel connectivity, mobility, advanced data analytics and business continuity planning.

Cloud9 and IPC DRaaS video

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