Design and Technology in One

Erich Keller

Erich Keller with the perfect design and tech mix

When you partner with TM Group on Trading Floors or Control Room, you also partner with Erich Keller.

Erich Keller are passioned industry experts in delivering interior and technology design to trading floors and control rooms in all sizes. The desks comes with cooling systems, and are ergonomic correct for all workers and sork situations. 

To top it all off Erich Keller has released a UV-C lamp to keep the air around the desk free from bacteria. This UV-C lamp is called Steri-Pac, and you can read much more about it here.

Erich Keller solutions

Keep your work environment
free from bacteria with this disinfection UV-c lamp from Erich Keller

In these times of pandemic, you need to be careful and businesses struggle to keep their healthy and bacteria-free. With this UV-C lamp, Steri-Pac you can eliminate bacteria, virus and mould spores from your workplace.

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