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StolComfort empowers comfortability in stressed situations

StolComfort is a valuable business partner of TM Group. Together we provide all our customers with the best chairs for professionals.

StolComfor’s Svenstol is a chair specially designed for situations with high stress-levels and where a seated working situation is required – like on trading floors and in control rooms. The chair puts the human employee in the center of attention, solely focussing on the human, as human factor in a control room or on a trading floor is the most important factor.

The Svenstol-chair minimizes the risk of muscle tensions, cramps, weakened joints, and is build to handle seated work situations for long periods of time, by providing more comfort, support and stability than the ordinary office chair.

If you wish to upgrade your control room’s or trading floor’s chairs, please reach out, and we will provide you a customized offer.

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