Brian Hansen TM Group CEO

Brian Hansen


Brian joined TM group in  2008 as CEO, and under his leadership, TM Group expanded its markets, products, and customers. Today TM Group is present in all the Nordic countries with offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and our HQ in Denmark, as well as in Israel and partnerships in the US and the far east.

Before joining TM Group, Brian came from a long period within the financial and banking sector, where he gained vast experience in compliance, fintech, and trading floors.

Frank Søndergaard


Frank has been with TM Group for over ten years and he has been an important part of TM Group’s development.

As a CPO, Frank is responsible for the technical consultants team that works directly with our customers.

Before joining TM Group, Frank worked as a System Manager at IBM, and at Danske Bank.

Jesper Knudsen

Chief Operating Officer

Phone: +45 30738737

Emil Holmberg

Sales Director

Emil started to work for TM group in January 2021 as Sales Director, and with over a decade of experience in the financial market, he is instrumental in shaping TM Group’s future.

Emil is responsible for the marketing and sales departments and for making sure these two departments work together toward the same goal.

Last but not least, Emil is responsible for keeping TM group’s portfolio up to date and cultivating sustainable relationships with our customers and partners.

Phone: +45 30108772

Emil Holmberg TM Group Sales Director

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