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About TM Group

We are TM Group, a technology provider and integrator, striving to help our clients experience the value of technology.

At a glance

Founded in 2001, TM Group has grown to be a major player in the Nordics, providing communications recording, trading floors, control rooms, and contact center solutions for financial services, contact and call centers, public sector, manufacturing, energy, and utility companies.

We have over 40 employees around the globe, but especially in the Nordics. And we are proud to play a part in providing millions of users with technology that advances everyday life.

People are the heart of our business. That is why we seek to attract employees who strive to be leaders in their field, and that is why we aim at providing our customers with an environment built around trust, simplicity, and always focusing on value.

What and how we do it

• IT Consultants

We have many years of experience within IT and technology, and therefore we offer all our customers IT consultancy services. We are available to you and live and breath for our customer’s growth and security.

• Independent and Agnostic

To us, independent and agnostic mean, that you are completely free to choose whatever solution you feel is best suited for your business. We have multiple vendors for each solution, which have all been carefully selected by our experts and engineers. This enables you to make the right call for your business.

• System Integrators (SI)

To us, being an SI mean we empower our customers with the optimal use of the perfect solution and software. We bring synergy and co-operation between all systems and integrate them into one another and your business.

• The TM Group Experience

While you choose the right solution, we add even more value to the process. We provide first and second line support on all solutions, and step up whenever you need us to. We also keep an eye out for potential business development opportunities within IT and tech, so you can always stay on top.

Two companies acting as one

TM Group A/S

VAT: 41707488
Address: Tobaksvejen 21 2860 Søborg Denmark

TM Group Projects & Services A/S

VAT: 41707526
Address: Tobaksvejen 21 2860 Søborg Denmark

Through the past, the present and the future

Since 2001

It is important to remember where you come from. We started a company called “Telemontørerne” in 2001, which as we grew became TM Group.

The “TM” in TM Group stands for Technology Management, which is exactly what we do and are experts in. 

Our Values

Are what makes
our business fly

• Customer Centricity

Our customers are at the center of everything we do as a business. Everything we do must reflect the respect and passion we have for our customers.

• Focus on Value

Every single step we take, as an individual, as a team and as a company, needs to add value to our customers. With a professional and knowledgeable background/platform we are focused and dedicated also on our behavior so our customers will experience added value by partnering with us.

• Innovation

Our eagerness and pursuit of innovation within IT and technology are what makes us a leader and not a follower. The world is moving fast, and we take pride in being a part of that forefront.​

• Teamwork

No employee is ever alone with anything. We pull the load as a team and via solid teamwork. If you do business with TM Group, you get the best of every employee in one unity.

• Trust

Trust is one of the pillars in every solid and healthy relationship. For everyone in and around TM Group to feel valued trust must always be intact.​

• Simplicity

We simplify the way we do business. Technology and IT can often be complex and overwhelming, and we see it as our responsibility to simplify that, so everyone better can understand, process and execute it.​

• Agility

Times of change is always imminent, and in times like this, it is important to be agile, and ready for change in order to maintain your business and keep moving forward.

• Celebration

We celebrate all our wins and stick together as a team. We love to win, create happy memories together, and celebrate all the wins life throws at us – no matter the size.​

The Destination

Our Vision

The Best In The Nordic

At TM Group, it is our vision to be the Nordic’s premier, trusted and preferred advisor and partner to all businesses, in order to support in reaching the most business-critical goals.​

How We Get There​

Our Mission

Being More Than What Is Expected​

How we reach that vision goes through the work we do with and for our current customers. Not only are we leveraging cutting edge technologies, our core values and internal know-how and expertise, but we also go that extra mile. It is our goal that our customers reach their most critical business-goals whether it is ensuring compliance, enhancing customer experiences, optimizing processes or improving security.

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