Cloud Recording (UniCloud)

Put your employees at the center of your compliance efforts, no matter where they are, when, and how they communicate with our cloud recording solution.

TM Group UniCloud Recording

TM Group UniCloud is a Unified Communication (UC) omnichannel cloud recording solution for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Trading telephony, and other Active Recording solutions. 

TM Group UniCloud utilizes the market-leading communication recording platform VFC (Verint Financial Compliance) with Microsoft Azure cloud scalability, high availability, cost-effectiveness, and security architecture. UniCloud can alternatively be hosted in Telia’s Swedish data centers with existing connections to leading Swedish financial institutions.

An out-of-the-box solution that captures, indexes, archives and retrieves 100% of voice, video, and text interactions, for customers of all sizes.

The excellent cloud recording capabilities of TM Group UniCloud
come with a host of advantages

Cost visibility

TM Group UniCloud is a  monthly subscription plan priced per user, so you can track your spending and pay only for what you use.


TM Group UniCloud supports voice, chat, videos, screen, screen share, and mobile recording under a single platform.

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UniCloud is built to help protect critical communications data and manage access with full control across the organization.

Cloud based

UniCloud is based on Microsoft Azure cloud deployment and designed with scalability, high availability and security.

Cloud Recording

No desktop applications or on-prem servers are required. Let TM Group be your recording expert.

With a monthly subscription, you get access to TM Group UniCloud compliance recording solution hosted in Microsoft Azure, managed by our team of recording experts. You can choose where your records are stored.

Whether your business is regulated or not, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that all your recordings are kept, highly available, and secured by a team of experts to support your recording requirements.


Record any media anywhere

TM Group UniCloud is a single recording solution for unified communication (UC) that captures data from a variety of media from traditional and modern (PBX, VoIP, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Email, sms, chat, trading turrets, etc…).

TM Group UniCloud records screen content as part of Skype for Business or MS Teams. This solution enables you to accelerate dispute resolution, mitigate risks and liability, and comply with industry regulations including MiFID II, PCI DSS, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank, GDPR, and SOX.

Reliable cloud-based omnichannel recording for Microsoft Teams,
Zoom, and other Unified Communications integrations.

UniCloud for Microsoft Teams

TM Group UniCloud is a cloud-based omnichannel recording solution for Microsoft Teams, allowing your organization to comply with MIFID-II requirements. 

The TM Group UniCloud communication recording platform will automatically record chosen users based on the policy assignment. 

The solution will store the calls in Microsoft Azure storage (blob) or another archiving location of your choice and allow for instantaneous search and replay of the calls using the system’s web interface. 

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Recording flexibility

Policy-based recording is simple and powerful; However, sometimes you need more flexibility on what to record even if a policy is set to record.

TM Group UniCloud recording allows for more flexibility in what to record:

  • Record only when external users are participating.
  • Specify and record meetings that have been organized for external participants.
  • Record only from specific meeting organizers (individual organizers, meeting scheduler application).
  • Record only when the meeting subject contains certain text (flexible text definition using RegEx).
  • Record video only for external participants.

Download TM Group UniCloud Recording vs Native MS Teams Recording Brochure

TM Group UniCloud Recording for Microsoft Teams

Recording experts

With over 20 years of experience installing and managing compliance solutions for some of the Nordics’ largest financial organizations to ensure they are fully compliant; TM Group is known for its competence in recording and compliance technology. 

Whether your firm is regulated or not, a team of professionals will keep, safeguard, and make your recordings available. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the licensing model of UniCloud?

All UniCloud Licensed features are based on a named employee. There is no license for recording channels or concurrent recording – all are inclusive in the archive + modality licenses.

The main modality licenses are:

  • Archive – mandatory
  • Voice capture – mandatory
  • Screen capture/ Screen Share – optional
  • Video capture – optional
  • Text Capture (IM chat, etc.) – optional

Nothing. All core components of UniCloud are installed in the Azure cloud. The customer can access the applications via any standard HTML browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.).

There are many integration options to integrate with UniCloud. A rich set of APIs are available as part of the base license. Included APIs are:

  • Authentication solutions
    • HTTP Single Sign-On API — This API lets you integrate the UniCloud app into your user portals/intranets/extranets.
    • Identity provider – Integrated Windows Authentication — The web application can authenticate users using Microsoft Windows domain authentication information.

  • Business process integration
    • HTTP Business API — This API lets you improve business processes by integrating the recording system with your applications.
    • Direct URL Access — allows external web apps to directly include features of the UniCloud Web Application.

  • Provisioning API — This web services API allows the automatic creation of users.

  • Import API — The Import API allows ingesting 3rd party data into the UniCloud system.

Yes. The UniCloud system has integrations that can record mobile communications such as calls, SMS, and WhatsApp and present them in the UniCloud system as a regular record assigned to the same user, playable and visible.

No. The data in UniCloud is fully segregated between each customer.

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Let our team of experts assist you with your company challenges. We can show you how modern technologies can help your company save on operational, compliance, and risk costs.

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