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Schedule and structure your workday with WFM

Workforce Management

Structure and engagement

Schedule and forecast with WorkForce Management

In a complex and busy contact center or call center, forecasting customer demand and scheduling the workforce with precision can be challenging. But not when you have workforce management (WFM) implemented.

Being able to forecast accurately and schedule accordingly is a must for any effectively run customer service center. If your goal is to have happy, motivated, and loyal agents and agents that love their job, then you need WFM. Remember, that with happy agents and employees come happy customers.

TM Group offers the industry’s leading Workforce Management solutions. Along with our expertise and cutting-edge technology, your contact or call center will be able to benefit from the market’s most efficient and happy customer service agents, that all delivers outstanding customer experiences, and act as your brand ambassadors.

What is WorkForce Management (WFM)?

WorkForce Management (WFM) is an application that lets you forecast, schedule, optimize, manage, and analyze you man-power at any given time. With AI-based WFM, you make sure you always have the right number af agents and sets of skills on-floor. WFM is also fantastic for work-life balance for your employees. 

benefits of WFM

Forecasting with accuracy

Forecasting with accuracy

Factor multiple methodologies, contact channels, departments, and skill types into your forecasts and schedules using ML and AI.

Insight and reporting

Insight and reporting

Gain real-time visibility into service queues and employee adherence so you can take early action to solve issues.

Motivation and agent experience

Motivation and agent experience

Leverage simple end user interfaces and tools to ensure agents own their schedules and performance, requesting time-off, trading shifts, and sharing ideas.

Flexible Deployment Options​

Flexible Deployment Options​

Enjoy the scale and performance of enterprise software available on-premise or in a cloud configuration for optimal business agility.

WorkForce Management videos

Empowerment & Engagement

The customers

A happy customer

Ultimately your customers' happiness should be at the center of your business. With WorkForce Management you get a lot closer to a perfect CSI.

The business

Focus on the KPIs

With WorkForce Management you can focus on the KPIs of your contact or call center, and keep the executives happy.

The agents

Agent Experience is underrated

It is fairly new to focus on agent experience in a contact or call center. But nontheless, it is extremely important. With WorkForce Management you empower and engage your agents to shoot for success.

Real ROI results from real WFM-users

Real WorkForce Management customers out there have these real ROI results to show from the software. We can’t mention the names, but the results are still as real.

33% more interactions handled with the same number of resources.

15% improvement in front-line agent efficiency.

30% improvement to intraday schedule adherence.

109 number of seconds cut down fom average speed of answer.

4,2% increase in revenue generated by contact center.

500.000 US Dollars saved off by assigning schedules based on productivity.

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