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Platform for voice trading

In todays Global Financial Markets, the range and complexity of instruments and asset classes that are Voice Traded places unprecedented demands on all elements of the trading cycle, be that opportunity spotting, risk and limits management, trade capture thru to final settlement.

No longer can the Trading Floor work in isolation, the Voice Trading Platform is but one element of a process that encompasses the Front Office, Middle and Back Offices each of which will also have multiple communication channels, such a IPBX telephony, Teams, Skype and in today world governance, compliance and regulation demand that each element of the trade mush be recorded.

Our Core Voice Trading Platform-solution brings together the expertise, knowledge and experience that enables us to work with, sell , integrate and support the major providers of Voice Trading Platform systems and the associated Interaction & Voice Recording.

Our Voice trading partners

voice trading Features and Benefits

Complete Mobility, Connecting Anywhere Anytime​

Easy Interoperability And Integration​

Flexibility To Scale Trading Operations And Support Business Growth​

A Streamlined Approach To Regulatory Compliance​

Built-In Redundancy To Protect The Business​

First And Second Line Local 24/7 Support From TM Group​

Interaction Recording

You need to record all interactions on a trading floor, and we have the world best solutions for that!

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