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Maybe you have an question which has not yet been answered on our website. Check out our FAQ’s and see if an answer pops up. We have done our very best to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions we get.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do. Our headquarters are in Søborg, Copenhagen – Denmark. But we also have offices in Stockholm – Sweden, Olso – Norway and Vantaa – Finland. And then also an office in Israel, London and the US.

Our sales representives will be the first one to see the email, and if one of them is not the appropriate replier, he will forward it to the appropriate employee.

Yes, we do. Especially our supporters in the trading division are available 24/7. When you are a customer, you’ll get a direct hotline, you can call.

That’s great news! Send an email to, and a senior member of the staff will reach out to you.

BPA stands for Business Process Automation, and is an automated process build into your business systems and software either to help a customer service agent or work as a self-service to the customer. It includes RPA, RDA and self-service for customers. Click here to learn more.

The prices on our solutions vary a lot, and therefore we are not able to show any prices as it depends on the scope of the project. Contact us for a price.
Maybe we do. We almost always have upcoming events either hosted by ourselves or one of our partners. Check out the News, Events and Blog section to find all upcoming events.

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