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The history of TM Group

Here at TM Group, we are proud of where we come from. It is important for us that potential customers and partners to feel the spirit of TM Group before initiating a new partership.

So have a look at this page, to get a better feeling and understanding of who we are as a company. 

When it all began​

TM Group was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2001 with the mission to deliver the best mission-critical systems and the highest possible quality of service to the trading floors within the financial sector in Denmark.

The two main products in the portfolio was voice trading systems and associated recording. 

The concept was well embraced by the industry in Denmark and just within a few years more than 90% of the financial institutions in Denmark decided to work together with TM Group.

The thoughts of expansion​

In 2007 TM Group was approached by its biggest customer, who have offices around the globe with similar requirements like the once’s TM Group was fulfilling in Denmark.  

TM Group was suggested to undertake the task to what we do best and to broaden it to cover the rest of the Nordic countries – as the customer said: Our systems are used in 20 different countries – we shouldn’t have to talk to 20 different vendors with different skillsets to do the same job done.

The expansion itself​

In 2008 and 2009 a new management team was headhunted by the board of shareholders to execute the expansion and in 2010 TM Group was transformed from a Danish company into a company with office and staff in all the Nordic countries.

It was important for the board that the management team was from the financial sector with an in-depth knowledge of the business – in order to ensure that the deliveries was not only focusing on best practice in terms of deliveries and support, but also understood what that meant for the customers business.

With that unique skillset of competences, best engineers and business understanding working side by side, it did not take long before the market share within Denmark was replicated into similar cross the Nordics.

The customers seemed to like the concept so much that they began to encourage TM group to take onboard additional products into the portfolio and today the portfolio consist of products from compliance, to RPA, hardware and a lot of services to combine all of them – in short TM Group are able to deliver an entire trading floor if needed.

Being true to the board decision from 2008 the staff of TM Group today is a mix of best of the best engineers together with former bankers and specialists from our business partners.

Once the pan-Nordic concept was in place, it was time to take it to the next level; do what we do best for our customers – wherever they want us to be to support their business.

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