Communication Recording

Communication Recording for voice calls, text, screen, video and chat

Voice, text and video recording

An essential aspect of a successful compliance program is the utilization of voice and interaction recording. It’s critical that, regardless of the department- be it in the trading floor, back office, or contact center- you possess a risk prevention mechanism. To this end, TM Group provides a wide range of interaction and voice recording solutions from industry-leading technology providers. Our solutions are supported, integrated, maintained by a team of compliance experts and engineers.

Due to high demand and regulatory requirements, it’s crucial to conduct investigations that are both effective and efficient, whether on request from the regulator or the internal compliance teams.

Interaction Recording features and benefits​

time management illustration

Reduce investigative time

file illustration

Advanced and proactive search alerts

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Capture, monitor and analyze all interactions

Detect and prevent potential regulatory breaches

Comply with following regulations



On-Premise Communications Recording

On-premise communications recording

Our Communication Recording solutions

Cloud hosted Communication Recording

TM Group UniCloud is a Unified Communications (UC) omnichannel cloud recording solution for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Trading telephony, and other Active Recording solutions. 

TM Group UniCloud utilizes the market-leading recording platform VFC (Verint Financial Compliance) with Microsoft Azure cloud scalability, high availability, cost-effectiveness, and security architecture. UniCloud can alternatively be hosted in Telia’s Swedish data centers with existing connections to leading Swedish financial institutions.

Microsoft Teams Recording

Microsoft Teams native recording may not be enough.

To ensure your organization is ready for disputes, compliant management, consumer protection and being able to protect corporate liability – you need a 3rd party recording solution

Historical data migration

Historical data migrations from your legacy voice recording system(s) into your current voice recording system so users have a single user interface to search and playback all historical calls.

Key features

  • Single user interface for end users to search and playback calls
  • Avoid maintaining legacy systems
  • Decommission all legacy servers
  • Manage common data policies (retention, deletion) across your entire call recording (legacy and new)
  • Large scale Data exports to 3rd party systems or per regulatory requirement
  • Storage – keep the recorded call in its original archive location or migrate it to a new storage target (cloud or on-prem)

TM Group data migration includes

  • Migration from NICE NTR, NICE Engage, NICE Interaction Management (NIM), NICE Perform, NICE Playback Portal
  • Migration from Tapes
  • Assigning legacy calls to the same users as defined in the new system
  • Data completeness validation
  • Migration of previous business data
  • Process monitoring
  • Final report

Archiving (Enterprise Storage Platform / WORM platforms)

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Historical Data Migration

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