Cloud Hosted Communication Recording with TM Group UniCloud

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In today’s interconnected world, people communicate across various platforms, and unmonitored communications are the biggest headache for companies. “The substantial wake-up call provided by US regulators, who have imposed fines exceeding $2 billion on over 20 banks in the last couple of years, has highlighted the urgent need to address compliance issues,” says Ben Levi (TM Group Senior Solution Architect).  It comes as no surprise that regulators in other regions, such as the UK and the Nordics, are also taking similar actions, exposing substantial shortcomings within the industry. Consequently, financial services firms are now prioritizing the mitigation of compliance-related risks.


In an attempt to ensure compliance, companies often resort to using a patchwork of tools, such as separate solutions for recording MS Teams, Zoom, and phone calls. In some cases, companies even disable video calls and WhatsApp altogether due to compliance concerns. However, this fragmented approach can lead to missed business opportunities and employees bypassing controls by using unapproved communication channels preferred by customers.

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To overcome these challenges and avoid hefty fines, companies need to embrace modern technology. This is where a solution like UniCloud truly excels, simplifying the process of capturing, indexing, and reviewing all forms of communication. UniCloud ensures effortless management of your business’s expansive communication network, providing a comprehensive compliance solution.

UniCloud allows companies to confidently empower employees to use both modern digital communication tools and legacy ones. UniCloud, a cloud-based solution hosted in the Nordic region, captures, indexes, archives, and retrieves 100% of voice, video, and text interactions for businesses of all sizes. With UniCloud, your business can operate in full compliance, secure from harm, and benefit from top-notch security, high availability, cost-effectiveness, and scalability, all in one comprehensive package.

At TM Group, we firmly believe that businesses should place their employees at the center of their compliance efforts, regardless of their location or preferred communication methods. That’s why UniCloud revolutionizes the way you operate, enabling you to enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and regain control.  

UniCloud Features

Nordic cloud recording solution (Security)

The implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has intensified the focus on safeguarding sensitive information. Many companies are now recognizing the importance of storing data in local data centers to ensure compliance and enhance data protection measures.

A lot of organizations have chosen to establish or expand their data centers within their own country, primarily driven by the need for stricter data governance and compliance adherence. This shift highlights the growing recognition of the risks associated with storing data in foreign jurisdictions and the desire for greater control over data management.

This is where Unicloud’s communication recording solution stands out. Unicloud is a fully Nordic cloud solution, ensuring compliance with strict data protection laws and regulations prevalent in the Nordics, including GDPR. By storing data within the region, Unicloud provides an extra layer of protection and minimizes the risks associated with cross-border data transfers.

Being a Nordic cloud solution, Unicloud offers clients the advantage of proximity and faster data access. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that operate within the Nordic region, as it reduces latency and enhances the overall performance of communication recording and retrieval processes.

With Unicloud, businesses can confidently navigate the complexities of data security and GDPR, ensuring their communication records are protected while maintaining efficient and seamless operations.

One solution to capture every type of communication on any channel

The explosion of data, especially interaction data, has posed significant challenges for organizations. Despite the recognition that this data holds valuable intelligence for operational management and strategic planning, many businesses struggle with the sheer volume, complexity, and accessibility of their interaction data. The proliferation of communication channels and the shift towards digital interactions have only exacerbated this problem, making it even more difficult to extract meaningful insights.

Captured from various systems and stored in different formats, interaction data is often unstructured and scattered across multiple siloed locations. Connecting the dots between these disparate data sources proves arduous, and ensuring data governance and compliance becomes equally challenging.

To crack the customer engagement data challenge, Unicloud empowers organizations to unlock the true value of their interaction data. Our solution simplifies the data landscape by connecting and harmonizing structured and unstructured data from multiple sources.

Embracing an open approach, Unicloud accepts interaction data from any source, creating a centralized hub of harmonized data for analysis, enrichment, and management. It streamlines data access, governance, and compliance with sophisticated access controls, and common workflows for retention, legal hold, and deletion.

The cherry on top is that open APIs enable seamless integration with external solutions and data lakes, facilitating further processing and analysis of the data. We provide a comprehensive solution that overcomes the complexities and costs associated with building a data hub from scratch, enabling organizations to succeed where others may falter.


TM Group UniCloud takes omnichannel communication recording to the next level by offering a comprehensive solution that supports a wide range of communication channels. Whether it’s voice calls, chat conversations, video interactions, screen activities, screen sharing sessions, or mobile communications, UniCloud’s single platform caters to all of these channels seamlessly.

With UniCloud, businesses can capture and record interactions across various channels, ensuring a complete and accurate record of customer engagements. This omnichannel capability enables organizations to gain a holistic view of customer interactions, regardless of the communication channel used.

By consolidating all communication recordings within a single platform, UniCloud simplifies the management and retrieval of data. Users can effortlessly search, index, and review interactions from multiple channels, making it easy to analyze customer conversations, extract valuable insights, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

The ability to record voice, chat, videos, screen activities, screen-sharing sessions, and mobile communications under one unified platform provides businesses with a comprehensive and streamlined approach to communication recording. UniCloud empowers organizations to enhance customer service, improve operational efficiency, and make data-driven decisions by leveraging the wealth of information captured across various channels.

Unified communication and collaborative tool, for people working everywhere

In addition to its omnichannel communication recording capabilities, TM Group UniCloud goes beyond by offering a unified communication and collaborative tool for individuals working from anywhere. Recognizing the evolving nature of work and the increasing prevalence of remote and distributed teams, UniCloud provides a comprehensive solution that fosters seamless communication and collaboration among employees, regardless of their physical location.

UniCloud’s unified communication features enable users to connect through voice calls, instant messaging, video conferencing, and screen sharing, all within a single platform. This integrated approach eliminates the need for multiple disjointed tools, streamlining communication and enhancing productivity.


Open API and partnership with RegTech solutions to empower your compliance efforts even further

We understand the importance of proactive monitoring and fraud detection to mitigate risks and maintain regulatory compliance. That’s why UniCloud offers open APIs and actively partners with RegTech solutions, creating a powerful synergy that enhances your compliance efforts.

By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, this partnership provides real-time monitoring, detection, and alert mechanisms to identify potential compliance breaches while allowing businesses to achieve a comprehensive compliance ecosystem. By combining the strengths of UniCloud’s communication recording and management capabilities with specialized RegTech solutions, organizations gain an extra layer of protection, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and minimizing the risk of financial and reputational damage.


When talking about financial institutions’ communications, both recorded and live, hold a wealth of critical but unstructured information that compliance and surveillance officers must capture, monitor, and reconstruct to ensure regulatory adherence and improve oversight. Extracting accurate voice data from financial environments in an automated, efficient, and cost-effective manner has long been a daunting challenge – until now.

By leveraging advanced deep-learning speech recognition and tailored financial language models, UniCloud accurately captures and extracts relevant words and phrases from complex and noisy communication streams. Your business can automatically transcribe, identify, and extract quotes and trades from spoken conversations, meeting sophisticated compliance requirements. This transformative solution empowers enterprise collaboration, strengthens compliance measures, and unlocks the power of data within voice communications across dealer boards, mobile devices, SIP telephony, and collaboration tools, from the trading room to the back-office.

By implementing TM Group UniCloud, your business can confidently address regulatory demands for compliance evidence on specific transactions, alleviating the burden on your compliance resources. Our solution offers:

  • Efficient and highly accurate transcription and data extraction from voice streams and audio files
  • Expertise in financial terminology and workflows specific to the domain
  • Flexible deployment models tailored to your organization’s needs
  • Analytical capabilities across over 40 languages and various accents when combined with UniCloud’s standard transcription module
  • Open and real-time data and system integrations, ensuring seamless connectivity with your existing infrastructure.


TM Group UniCloud empowers your business with the tools to streamline compliance processes, enhance data analysis, and unlock valuable insights from voice communications.


Effectively retaining, managing, and consolidating voice and electronic communication records into a secure archive is crucial for swift and efficient compliance response, as well as mitigating risk for your business.

UniCloud is an enterprise-grade, multivendor-compatible solution designed to help organizations retain, retrieve, and manage recorded voice and electronic communications data across the trading floor, branches, and back office. UniCloud securely stores records and associated metadata from various sources, including trader voice, unified communications and collaboration, and mobile platforms. By doing so, it enables businesses to comply with record-keeping, communications surveillance, and information security mandates imposed by financial regulations, data protection laws, and government policies.

With TM Group UniCloud, your business gains the following capabilities:

  • Storage compatibility with industry-standard NAS, SAN, and DAS systems.
  • Centralized configuration and automation of storage and retention rules, customized down to a per-user level.
  • Immutable, tamper-proof format for retaining all records.
  • Quick search, retrieval, and replay of voice, text, video, screen activities, and content to reconstruct the complete communication chain related to a trade.
  • Preservation of recordings under legal hold during litigations and audits, ensuring no alterations or deletions.
  • Automatic categorization of communication records.
  • Quality checks on regulated personnel to enhance compliance processes.
  • Robust security measures, including access control, encryption, and digital signing, protect recordings.
  • End-to-end tracking of archived media lifecycle through comprehensive audit logs.


UniCloud empowers your business to meet compliance requirements, streamline record retrieval, and enhance risk management. 

Scalable and high availability

In today’s dynamic business landscape, scalability and high availability are paramount for organizations to effectively manage their compliance recording needs. UniCloud is designed to provide the scalability and high availability required to meet the evolving demands of your business.

TM Group UniCloud offers a flexible and scalable solution that grows alongside your organization. Whether you need to accommodate a small team or a large enterprise, UniCloud can scale effortlessly to meet your recording requirements. With the ability to add or remove users as needed, you have the flexibility to align your recording solution with your business needs.

UniCloud ensures that your critical communications data is always available when you need it. Built on a robust and resilient infrastructure, UniCloud provides high availability, minimizing downtime and maximizing accessibility. Your recorded interactions are securely stored and protected, allowing you to retrieve and analyze them with confidence.

TM Group UniCloud leverages advanced technologies and best practices to deliver a highly scalable and available solution. With redundant systems, data replication, and disaster recovery measures in place, you can rely on UniCloud to keep your compliance recordings accessible and protected.

By choosing TM Group UniCloud, you gain a scalable and high-availability solution that empowers your organization to efficiently manage compliance recording, ensure data accessibility, and meet regulatory requirements. Experience the reliability and flexibility of UniCloud as you streamline your compliance operations.

Cost reduction

It’s time to say goodbye to complex installation processes and hello to seamless recording with TM Group UniCloud. Our out-of-the-box solution eliminates the need for desktop applications or on-prem servers, providing a hassle-free experience for your business. With a simple monthly subscription plan priced per user, you can easily track your spending and pay only for what you use.

UniCloud offers a comprehensive range of recording capabilities under a single platform. Whether it’s voice, chat, videos, screen activities, screen sharing, or mobile communications, UniCloud has you covered. Capture and retain all essential interactions without the need for multiple systems or complicated integrations.

By leveraging TM Group UniCloud, your business benefits from:

  • Streamlined implementation: No more time-consuming installation processes or infrastructure setup. UniCloud is ready to use out-of-the-box, enabling you to start recording communications swiftly.
  • Cost efficiency: With our subscription-based pricing model, you have full visibility of your spending. Pay only for the number of users, optimizing costs and ensuring scalability as your business grows.
  • Unified recording platform: UniCloud supports a wide range of communication channels, providing a single, centralized solution for capturing voice, chat, videos, screen activities, screen sharing, and mobile interactions. Simplify your recording infrastructure and enhance efficiency.
  • Compliance readiness: Ensure regulatory compliance by effortlessly capturing and retaining all necessary communications data. UniCloud helps your business meet record-keeping requirements and facilitates quick retrieval and analysis of critical information.
  • Scalability and flexibility: UniCloud scales with your business needs. Easily add or remove users as your organization evolves, ensuring that your recording solution aligns with your changing requirements.


With TM Group UniCloud, you can focus on your core business while enjoying seamless recording capabilities, simplified pricing, and comprehensive compliance support. Experience the power of UniCloud and revolutionize your compliance recording processes.


We're always here to help you keep your compliance efforts on track and your data secure!

Emil Holmberg

Sales Director

Emil Holmberg TM Group Sales Director