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Record voice calls, text, screen, video and chat

Communication Recording

Voice and Text Recording

An essential aspect of a successful compliance program is the utilization of voice and interaction recording. It’s critical that, regardless of the department- be it in the trading floor, back office, or contact center- you possess a risk prevention mechanism. To this end, TM Group provides a wide range of interaction and voice recording solutions from industry-leading technology providers. Our solutions are supported, integrated, maintained by a team of compliance experts and engineers.

Due to high demand and regulatory requirements, it’s crucial to conduct investigations that are both effective and efficient, whether on request from the regulator or the internal compliance teams.

Interaction Recording Features and Benefits​

Reduce investigative time

Advanced and proactive search alerts

Capture, monitor and analyze all interactions

Detect and prevent potential regulatory breaches

Comply With Following Regulations



Unified Communcations Recording

Microsoft Teams
Recording for compliance

Microsoft Teams have experienced a massive increase in popularity in the world of business – and especially in trading and investment banks, financial services, trading firms, asset or portfolio managers, and other regulated firms. The need for the ability to support multi-channel communications in one unified platform is on the rise like never before. While complete deployment across the organization has been limited due to the incapability to record all communication in unified platforms like Microsoft Teams.

With the Microsoft Teams Recording solutions in our portfolio you can record every communication type like voice, video, chat, screen sharing, and more

Skype For Business
Recording for compliance

Financial services, banks, trading firm, etc. are facing more heavy regulatory compliance demands from the authorities for proactive and precise recording, retention and retrieval of all trading interactions. Skype for Business Recording is therefore in high demand for its users.

The recording platforms in our portfolio are ready the meet the challenges of the future by capturing and recording all Skype for Business communication types like voice, video, chat, screen sharing, etc.

Call Transcription

Voice-To-Text In Every Call

In many instances you are obliged to provide transcription of your customer interaction, and can have as little as 72 hours to conduct the investigation and deliver the data. These requirements are especially being demanded by regulators operating in and keeping an eye on the financial vertical.

This is a very difficult, costly and time consuming task to do manually. With our call transcription solutions you can automate the entire process, which is interconnected to the interaction recording, obviously. It handles the recording, the downloading, the transcription, the keyword searches, and the text file output. The only thing you have to do is initiate the process and deliver the end-product to the requesting institution.

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