What We Do

Connecting your business to the right technology

Since 2001 we have been working with several companies in the Nordics, pushing their imagination and technological boundaries to new heights. We are an agnostic technology management company and we work with several different partners to make sure that all our deals end with a win, win, win situation.

Companies are often experiencing challenges and new realities, and we at TM group believe that it is our job to turn them into opportunities. Using our expertise to help you explore new horizons and drive innovation.

We are eager to help you with projects related to robotic process automation, customer experience for contact and call centers, compliance management, trading floors, and control rooms.

Manage Communication Risks to Ensure Compliance

Our solutions use intelligent technologies to record interactions, identify activity & behavior patterns, and spot abnormalities to mitigate employee misconduct, market manipulation, and other abuses. 

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