Real-Time Risk Prevention


Being able to meet the tough requirements of global regulations mandates the ability to pick up on breaches in real-time not only through activities and transactions, but also through communications. Furthermore, with the Market Abuse Regulation’s  requirements for proactive monitoring, you need to be able to take proactive steps to ensure and prove compliance.


With the TM Group solution for communication surveillance, you can leverage big data analytics, data mining, and indexing to monitor and analyze the unstructured data contained in every communication across the full lifecycle of the trade.


You can perform a risk profile, receive real time alerts on suspicious behavior, and even pre-empt fraudulent activities. In addition, the solution enables you with advanced case management and enables you to reconstruct the full trade communication lifecycle to understand the communication process from pre- to post-trade.


Being proactive with communication surveillance from TM Group means having an even more powerful risk mitigation and compliance infrastructure.


Industry Leading Technology From:

  • NICE
  • NICE-Actimize
  • TM Group Shield

 Advanced Capabilities:

  • Big data analytics
  • Data mining
  • Indexing
  • Monitor & analyze unstructured data
  • Risk profiles
  • Real time alerts

NICE Communication Surveillance



Trade Compliance: A proactive approach

NICE MIFID II approach

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