Contact & Call Center Solutions

Automate the manual work, act smarter, respond faster, and deliver better customer experiences

Ensure Exceptional Customer & Agent Experience

Streamline self-service and agent-assisted experiences to increase customer engagement. Manage your human and automated staff seamlessly, and leverage CX data to make informed decisions. All with fully integrated and scalable solutions.

Ecomms surveillance software

Automation (RPA & RDA)

Extended workforce, automating complex processes, improving agent efficiency and customer experience.

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Voice Analytics

Record all your customer interactions with your organization and turn it into real, valuable, and actionable insights.

Video conference concept. Telemeeting. Web meeting. Webinar.

Communication Recording

Capture employee communication with customer or internally for compliance, liability, or to gain insight.

Ecomms surveillance software

Workforce Management (WFM)

Manage the total workforce in your customer service center with our Workforce Management solutions.

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Automate the handling of incomming calls and deflect customers to the right place in their journey.

Video conference concept. Telemeeting. Web meeting. Webinar.


Autocomplete and autoflow to help you decrease AHT up to 20%. Seamless integration and real-time insights.

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Discovery Meeting

Meet with our CX guru and enjoy the feedback of someone with over 15 years of experience in the field.

Unlock the potential of your team, turn insights into results, and streamline service delivery.

Digital Messaging Faster than Light with Deepdesk

Enhance your customers’ experience and build lasting relationships with Deepdesk.

Our platform helps your agents type up to 50% faster with autocomplete and data-filling features, so they can handle more inquiries in less time. Enjoy improved customer satisfaction, increased agent productivity, and competitive advantage.

Try Deepdesk today and work faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

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RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Workforce Multiplier - The Power of Automating your contact center

Want to take your contact center to the next level? With our contact center automation solutions, you can empower your agents to focus on what really matters – building relationships with your customers.

Contact center automation software acts as an extended workforce and personal assistant, streamlining processes, enhancing customer experiences, and helping agents achieve their fullest potential.

With attended automation, for example, it’s all done in real-time, so you can seize every opportunity and make the most of every interaction, and your agents will enjoy:

  • More time for human interactions
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Enhanced customer experiences and loyalty

Try attended automation today and see how it can revolutionize your contact center operations. Get in touch with us now to learn more.

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Workforce management

Unlock Your Team's Potential

Empower your contact center agents to reach new heights with our workforce management system.

Anticipate demands with AI-powered forecasts, optimize your workforce, and identify performance gaps with omnichannel recording. Real-time coaching ensures agents deliver exceptional customer experiences.

You’ll enjoy the increased engagement, efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Don’t wait to unlock your team’s potential – contact us now!

Stop with the guessing work

Make your data useful and turn insight into a better customer experience. Speech analytics helps you create a data-driven culture, delivering smarter and faster customer experiences.

Use analytics on every interaction in real-time to identify issues, and opportunities and act based on data.

Try NICE’s interaction analytics today and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Interaction insight customer data insight

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NICE Neva Discover RPA RDA
CX Specialist Meeting

CX Specialist

Meet with one of our CX specialists and find new ways to deliver awesome customer experiences. 

Sometimes it is good to have an outsider with over 15 years of experience spearheading contact center software implementations

Why TM Group as a partner to your contact center


TM Group is solution agnostic, and we work with industry leaders in contact center software to bring you the highest level of value when implementing new technologies in your contact center.


TM Group has over 20 years of experience implementing and supporting technology solutions for some of the biggest companies in the Nordics


Our advisors are skilled and possess a deep knowledge of the solutions we represent and the contact center industry. And if this is not enough, we are backed up by some of the industry's top thinkers working with our partners.


Being a company committed to advancing everyday life by improving business, it is our job to be one step ahead of the technologies in the industry to guide our customers into the right pass of success.

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Emil Holmberg

Sales Director

Emil Holmberg TM Group Sales Director