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Deepdesk agent assist

Your customer experience is the main differentiator between you and your competitors. Customers expect you to respond quickly and effectively and have their needs met whenever they need it.

In the highly demanding environment of today’s customer care, live chat is shining as one of the most powerful tools in the contact center arsenal. Being able to handle several chats simultaneously and deliver flowless customer experiences is a key to the future of any contact center.

How can your organization outclass the competition in such an environment?

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WorkForce Management - WFM - benefits

Empower your contact center agents

According to, 75% of customers find live chat more satisfactory than other channels, and the value of a live chat is, on average, $249.

With Deepdesk capabilities you can go beyond your customer’s expectations, delivering better experiences and creating long-lasting relations directly from the website or social media.

Personalized autocomplete


Deepdesk’s AI-powered assistant gets input from your historic data and provides automated suggestions with the best possible answers for the situation. The results get better every time you interact with a new customer.

Using autocomplete, plus Deepdesk’s capability to automatically fill in names and other customer data, agents can increase typing speed by up to 50%. 

Book a demo, and let us show you how your agents can be up to 50% faster when using digital messaging channels.

Autocomple, auto flows and more.

With Deepdesk, your agents can cut typing time by up to 50% using the smart autocomplete and real-time message suggestions. Deepdesk can learn your patterns, and it can be trained to suggest to you the best answers to common questions.

Autoflow on the other hand, allows the agents to save time on repetitive tasks when solving common problems such as helping with the login or making small changes to the client’s account.

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Emil Holmberg

Sales Executive