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We are an independent, and value-added reseller of IT and technology. And to be this, we partner up with multiple partners within every each of our solution. We make sure our partners are able to meet the extremely high standards and needs of the markets and sectors, where we operate.

To be a partner with TM Group means you walk through a door together with us, and enter a Nordic world of growth. Our employees are industry experts and have a solid and profound network of business in the Nordics. Combined with the technical know-how and flair in our support division, where we can manage all first and second line support to our customers, makes us a value-added reseller and valueable business partner of your product or solution.

Do you want to walk through the door of growth together with us, and step onto the Nordic scene? Then don’t hesitate contacting us. Fill out the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Want to become a partner?

Would you like to leverage TM Group wide range us network and experts within IT and technology to grow your business and presence in the Nordic region?

Please reach out to us by filling out the contact form, and our representives will contact you shortly, to find out if we are a match.

We are always open to new potential partnerships, and we are looking forward to recieving your message.